Which hare litter is best? have the right to the litter you use hurt her rabbit? Maybe, yet it could notbe for the reasons you think...

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Rumors about pine and also cedar as small animal litter are all over the internet.  Sites space reprinting and also repeating info taken native two specific articles that pronounce pine and also cedar shavings toxic.

But ... Does science beg to differ? review on to uncover the truth about cedar and also pine shavings. 

This is a fairly long page - so we want you to understand up front that pine shavings are just fine for hare litter, the colony box, and bedding. Pine tree is completely safe, and especially if that is heat-treated or kiln-dried.

Learn the scoop about CedarShavings here. 

Laboratories that do drug tests on rabbits room theones preventing softwood shavings. This is in order to save theirresults standardized in between facilities. 

For pets rabbits and show rabbits, pine is totally safe for rabbitlitter, specifically kiln-dried pine. Kiln-dried pine tree is also the cheapest rabbit litter on the market. Andsince the does a comparable job to all the other litters, pine shavingsas hare litter and rabbit bedding it s okay our height vote.

See RabbitBedding because that comparisons through several other rabbit beddingmaterials, and an ext recommendations. 

The Cedar and Pine Controversy

Two online articles have virtually singlehandedly damaged thereputation of jaw shavings for rabbit litter. This is unfortunate, as wrongconclusions have actually been drawn and then presented as fact. 

For the rest of this page:

We’ll attach you the the two posts (byDr. Flentke and also Ms. Merriman) and outline their views, while consisting of ourcomments and also observations for clarification.We’ll also give you the much an ext balanced comment ofLianne McLeod, DVM, who offered as rabbit expert on Ask.com.Plus, in our Conclusion below, we’ll attach you toour synopsis that a really informative post that properly presents andinterprets the misunderstood science.

Please read on, if you need to. (I discovered it veryfascinating! yet then, together a past Registered Nurse, the scientific research interests me...)

According come "The dangers ofSoftwood Shavings," by George Flentke, PhD:

Cedar and Pine room both fragrant softwood shavingsThe aroma comes from phenols in the woodThe distinction between softwood and also hardwood rabbit litter comes because there isn’t near as lot phenols in hardwood shavings, such together aspen and douglas firPhenols get in the rabbit’s system through the lung inhaling the fumesThe human body detoxifies phenols in the liver. This procedure is known to elevate the rabbit’s liver enzymes.The very same enzymes also remove drugs in a rabbit’s bodySome that the key drugs a vet may use are:Xylazine (anesthesia)Ketamine (anesthesia)DexamathasoneTheophyllineOpioid painkillers, such together butorphanolDrug performance when liver enzymes room elevated is diminished by over 40%, since the raised levels that liver enzymes washed the drugs the end of the mechanism much much more quickly 보다 normal.This is the main objection come softwood litters.An boosted risk of cancer is currently talked about, however not proven. Proof is suggestive at best (extrapolated native considerations in humans).DON’T usage Ponderosa jaw needles as an alternative. In other domestic animal species, consisting of cattle, they have caused voluntarily abortions and other hormone disturbances.

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According come "Litterboxesand Liver Disease,"  (byMarinell Harriman):


We do recommend heat-treated pine shavings for hare litter. We"ve supplied it in our nest-boxes for over 30 years. If this exercise were toxic, we’d have actually seen far-ranging health troubles with really young kits.  This has actually not been the case.

We understand that part folks will still be fear to trust the science, and also that’s okay.  however if you’ve read this far, possibly we have laid her rabbit litter concerns to rest.  Hopefully so!