More 보다 10 years after it an initial came come TV (and practically six since it concluded), fantasy TV series Merlin still has a lot of fans – just ask previous star Eoin Macken, that played article of the ring Table Gwaine in the BBC drama.

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“People questioning me about it all the moment actually,” Macken told “Merlin’s among those reflects that ns think a many of civilization revisit. There’s a kind of network and group of world who have actually been an extremely loyal to it.”

And the show still plainly means a lot come the cast as well, with Macken revealing that he and his fellow Knights that the ring Table (including King Arthur gibbs Bradley James, Rupert Young, Adetomiwa Edun and Game that Thrones’ Tom Hopper) regularly fulfill up come reminisce around their ring table days, even all this years later.

“I’m gonna meet 4 of the males from Merlin ~ above lunch this day actually, funnily enough,” Macken called us. “I’m still friends with a many the men on the show.

“I’m only in London for a couple of days therefore we’re going to come here and also have coffee, every from Merlin.

“It’s simply Tomiwa, Tom Hopper, Rupert and Bradley. It is a an extremely weird coincidence that you’ve asked around that simply as that happening.”

Macken, who at this time stars in sci-fi horror collection Nightflyers top top Netflix, likewise credited his new streaming organization home because that the renewal in Merlin’s popularity, saying that countless fans to be finding it for the very first time online.

“It’s funny to mention since I’m now on a Netflix display – however I think Merlin’s had an extra breath that life since it went on Netflix,” that said.

“It’s among those reflects that fits on Netflix really well, and got an even bigger audience.

“I recognize we had a big audience, yet it acquired an even bigger audience, and also a brand-new lease the life by walking on Netflix.”

And that knows? In a few years, there might be an additional generation of fans still being introduced to the people of Merlin. Magic.

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Nightflyers collection one streams ~ above Netflix UK indigenous Friday first February


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