I made this quiz due to the fact that I didn"t see any type of other quizzes because that this book. I really expect you appriciate the tough work ns put into this. You execute not know just how much you taking this quiz way to me.

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I expect you have actually what that takes to understand this quiz. ~ all, i did this so the less-appreciated books of this wonderful series would be noted.I hope YOU ENJOY!!!

Created by: Eva Lane

What is the first chapter the "The Sea that Monsters"? I have actually a bad dream My ideal friend shops because that a wedding dress i play dodgeball with cannibals i watch Grover via dreamWhat is the surname of Percy"s school? Meriwether prepare Meriwether college prepare Merihether prepare Merihether college prepFinish the prophecy:"You candlestick sail the stole ship with warriors of bone,You shall discover what girlfriend seek and also make it your own,But despair for her life entombed in ~ stone,And fail without friends, to go home alone." to depart for house alone." come fly residence alone." come sail residence alone."What is the surname of the camp? Camp demigod Camp half-breed Camp half-god Camp half-bloodWho turns ago human at the end of the book? Thalia Annabeth Grover LukeWho is Grover browsing for? Ares Clarisse Pan PercyWhat is the surname of Percy"s pen-sword? Anakumkus Rivtide Anaklusmo RiptideWhat shade food go Percy"s mommy make? green Pink Blue RedWhat does A.D.H.D. Stand for? attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder fist Defict Hiperventalate Disorder fist Disorder and Hyperactivity Disorder attention Disorder Hyperactivity DefictWho to be assighned the quest in "The Sea the Monsters"? Tyson Clarisse Percy AnnabethTyson is i beg your pardon god"s son? Ares Zeus PoseidonWhat is the next publication in the Percy Jackson series? The battle of the Labyrinth The Titan"s Curse The Lightning theif

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