I"m struggling with just how clumsy the ax "back and forth" sounds. Is over there a word the essentially method a repetitive ago and forth motion?


The machine ____. (moves back and forth, or operates top top a ago and forth style of motion)

I waved my hand ____ly. (in a earlier and forth manner)



Oscillates fits the device example, however not (very well) the hand example.

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Possibilities for the hand motion are wildly or repeatedly. The last could also fit the maker case.


I think a common term for this type of movement in machinery is reciprocating.

alternating back-and-forth movement

Google photos for reciprocating.




an up-and-down or a back-and-forth motion or procedure.


moving up and also down, earlier and forth, or alternately ahead and behind: It was a seesaw game with the lead changing hands countless times.


You have the right to use Sway , it can only apply for your very first sentence.As Google"s definition:

move or cause to move gradually or rhythmically backward and forward or from next to side.

Try "waver" because that your an initial sentence. Waver has a selection of meanings, all perfect to her description and also requirements.

For the hand wave, shot "flutteringly"

Consider to-and-fro.

There is the mythological PushmePullyu creature. You might work that right into a phrase as a metaphor. It to be attempted, rather unsuccessfully, in a slightly different metaphorical manner, 1

The Pushme-Pullyu Is Alive and also Well, yet Dr. Doolittle Is in Trouble.

I think this is a far better example though, 2

Regulation is currently a Pushmepullyou.

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Churned might work well for the an equipment example, specifically if pistons space involved. If the back-and-forthness is a violent, the end of regulate thing, shot buffeted.

For the hand example, friend might think about using the feeling behind the gesture. Why space they waving your hand? Dismissively? space they waving goodbye to somebody, maybe sadly, if the person is leaving? and go ahead on finding enlarge words because that the emotions, if friend want. I"m just tired, hope that assisted though.

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