Pitches all about the human being can"t wait for the extremely anticipated 3rd installment to do its method to theaters later this month. We"ve watched the Barden Bellas walk from the laughing share of your college"s acapella organization to collegiate champions to human being champions. Therefore what"s left because that the Bellas come accomplish? They"ve currently conquered the university stage and also the people stage. They"ve composed their own songs, incorporated 21st century songs, and also sang with the environment-friendly Bay Packers. But apparently there"s even more acapella goodness because that our favourite girls come enjoy. And we"re not complaining! I"ll totally think that a university acapella group can walk on tour approximately the country; as lengthy as we get an ext of this great group and also their songs, I"m into it. But while us wait out these last few days and weeks before the premiere, let"s find out a bit more about ours harmonized cast.

15 This Is The fourth Movie Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, & Rebel Wilson have Done Together

So, offered that this is the fourth movie Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and also Elizabeth financial institutions are law together, that need to make lock the Hollywood dream team, right? They started off their time in addition to the OG Pitch Perfect. Anna to be the star, Rebel stole the spotlight through her Fat Amy character, and Elizabeth"s Gail listed the colorful commentary. Elizabeth additionally produced and then came earlier to straight in the second Pitch Perfect movie. So with this 3rd installment the Pitch Perfect, that means there space three acapella movies the this trio has done together. For this reason what was the various other movie? What come Expect once You"re Expecting! All three showed up in this fun film and also even gained to shooting together.

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Rebel played a hilarious sales assistant in ~ Elizabeth Banks" baby products store. And Anna had her very own storyline v Chace Crawford.

14 Anna Kendrick has A hot Dog named After Her

You understand you"ve really made that in Hollywood once they start to name food after ~ you. Anna Kendrick obtained this honor when a restaurant in Chicago, warm Doug"s, called a warm dog ~ her. Top top trying the delicious dog, Anna tweeted, "My mouth is quiet burning. Amazing awesome awesome!!" currently that"s a quite rave evaluation for a hot dog! and also as you"ll see, Anna wasn"t the only famed person to have actually the respect of having the mighty warm fire dog called after them. And hot dogs aren"t the just food Anna loves. She"s also a large mac and also cheese fan. In fact, Kraft sent out her a solid gold macaroni necklace because she"s together a fan. Anna referred to as it on her Instagram page, "Hands under the best swag I"ve ever before gotten."

13 Elizabeth banks Had Both that Her children Via Surrogate

Elizabeth financial institutions became a mommy in her later years and actually had both of her sons delivered via surrogate. It"s assumed that Elizabeth had troubles conceiving and carrying naturally and she hasn"t been shy around her surrogacy use.

In 2011, Elizabeth and her husband, Max Handelman, invited their first son, Felix. Elizabeth was 37 year old at the time. A year later, they invited their second son, Magnus Mitchell, also via surrogacy. Great for you, Elizabeth! I"m loving this celebs who space open about their fertility issues and also able to accessibility other options. Elizabeth has additionally been really vocal around her support for sex education and also Planned Parenthood. I love as soon as a celebrity have the right to lend their voice come important reasons like thorough sex education and also supporting important services favor Planned Parenthood.

12 Ruby Rose has actually 65 Tattoos

Ruby increased is a brand-new addition come the pitch Perfect family, wherein she"ll it is in making her debut in the 3rd film. Ruby climbed is additionally pretty new on the Hollywood scene and also she"s make a splash for this reason far. Obviously, she stunning good looks aren"t hurting she time in Hollywood. She has additionally appeared ~ above Orange Is The new Black and also as a crucial member in Taylor Swift"s girl squad. Us haven"t heard a ton of Ruby"s to sing yet, for this reason that will certainly be exciting once she provides her acapella debut. Yet we have actually seen her as a DJ and also MTV VJ, therefore she absolutely has music bones in she body. Yet speaking of her body, have the right to we talk about these tattoos? Ruby Rose has 65 tattoos! 65! Let"s hope she character in Pitch Perfect 3 is allowed to have tattoos or else that would have been a long time in the assembly chair come cover them all up.

11 Hailee Steinfeld Auditioned Eight Times and also Beat the end 15,000 various other Girls because that The role Of "Mattie" In True Grit

Hailee Steinfeld was the new star that Pitch Perfect 2. She theatre Emily, the newest member of the Barden Bellas that gets in because she"s a legacy; her mother was a Bella earlier in the day. And also she additionally got the Bellas to start writing their very own music. She formed a tiny romantic point with Benji (Ben Platt) who sadly is claimed to not be in the 3rd movie. In fact, none of the males are an alleged to be coming back. Yet let"s refocus top top Hailee. Hailee very first entered Hollywood as a young major actress. She winner her duty in True Grit after beating the end 15,000 other actresses and also auditioning eight times. WOW! That"s some severe talent and dedication. It even earned Hailee one Oscar nomination. She then transitioned from severe Oscar roles to an ext fun stuff favor making music, hanging out v Taylor Swift, and starring in Pitch Perfect.

10 Hailee was A Cheerleader because that Eight Years

before Hailee ended up being a big Hollywood star, she was simply a child in California who loved cheerleading. It"s hard to think that Hailee even had time to placed in eight years of cheerleading seeing together she gained her function in True Grit in ~ the age of 13. Was she cheerleading the end of the womb? Or did she save up cheerleading while functioning on the set of one Oscar-nominated movie? Like, did she need to go from collection to cheer practice? ns can"t quite believe it but maybe. And also it would define how Hailee is may be to walk from serious acting movie to funny stuff like pitch Perfect and her music. Hailee additionally started to be homeschooled in 2008 and got she high school diploma in 2015. That might sound recent yet remember that Hailee is just 21. She"s 21 and she has currently been nominated because that an Oscar. #Winning

9 Brittany Snow experienced From eat Disorders

Brittany eye plays the adorable and spunky Chloe in the Pitch Perfect franchise. But sadly, her very own life hasn"t always been so happy and also full the song. In 2007, Brittany wrote an post for People Magazine describing she nine year battle with eat disorders, depression, and self mutilation. Brittany revealed that at her lowest, she was 85 pounds in ~ 14 years old. She was dieting, going to the gym, hiding that from her parents, and also lying come the producer of the soap opera she was functioning on. As soon as Brittany couldn"t manage her weight, she would punish herself by cutting her wrists. At 16, Brittany read an article about a version who was enduring from eating disorders and also she states it saved her life. At 19, Brittany was prepared to see a therapist and also was diagnosed with anorexia, exercise bulimia, depression, and body dysmorphia. ~ a month of therapy, Brittany checked out film John Tucker have to Die and also relied on she co-stars to help her stay on track and not take she dieting and also exercise too far. Today, she is happy and also healthy and also wanting come share her story to inspire others to obtain help.

8 Anna Camp and also Skylar Astin room Married IRL

We"ve gained a genuine life key Perfect love story on our hands! Skylar Astin, that plays Jesse, Becca"s boyfriend, and also Anna Camp, who plays head Bella Aubrey, bound the knot in 2016. The 2 actually met long prior to Pitch Perfect and also began dating in 2013. They met while starring on Broadway in Spring Awakening (the display that additionally brought us Lea Michele and also Jonathan groff of Glee fame). That course, your beautiful wedding was a little bit of a Pitch Perfect reunion. Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, and also other castmates to be in attendance as guests. Brittany eye was a bridesmaid and also Ben Platt was a groomsman. it doesn"t look prefer Anna Kendrick was able to make it. Maybe she didn"t favor the idea that seeing her man, Jesse, marry who else. just kidding! She to be probably simply busy filming other else.

7 Rebel Wilson Is pertained to Walt Disney and also Is A Disneyland VIP

Rebel Wilson is one of the finest parts of Pitch Perfect. She Fat Amy is hilarious and also we love seeing she on our display screens in any type of role. But besides being an impressive comedic actress, Rebel additionally has too many of amazing fun facts about herself. Favor did you understand that she"s concerned Walt Disney? Rebel"s great aunt Lillian was in reality married to Walt! So together a kid, Rebel Wilson had complimentary reign that the Disney parks. Is that no the ultimate dream for a child? Too bad she stayed in Australia or rather I"m certain Rebel would be at Disneyland every weekend. Also as an adult, she still has actually pretty awesome access to Disneyland. She"s able to access secret Disney spots, choose the concealed bar at Disneyland, and also she"s a member of society 33. If girlfriend don"t understand what the is, you"re not a Disney VIP.

6 Rebel Wilson has actually A law Degree

Here"s one more shocker: our favourite comedienne, Rebel Wilson, has actually a legislation degree. Rebel Wilson might be a lawyer! deserve to you imagine having actually Rebel Wilson as your lawyer in court? Rebel working long hrs at the legislation office, going with paperwork, talk to the judge, and making her case to the jury... Unless this is a comedy collection in a courtroom, I just can"t imagine it. However it"s really! Rebel Wilson obtained her law level from the university of brand-new South Wales in Australia in 2009. Ns don"t believe she"s in reality licensed to practice law, however she has actually the credentials and education. I love as soon as hilarious civilization are actually super smart. You kind of need to be a brainiac to be able to deliver such great humor. Just an additional reason to be a fan of Rebel Wilson.

5 Hana Mae Lee has Designed For Harley Davidson, Juicy Couture, and Mossimo

Hana Mae Lee dram Lily in the Pitch Perfect trilogy. She"s finest known for her quiet voice, weird statements, and also awesome win boxing. However did you recognize in genuine life the Hana Mae is a fashion designer? She graduated through a BFA in fashion style from Otis university of Art and also Design. If there, Hana Mae gained to work with some big names choose Sean John, GamePro, La Blanca, and also Rozae Nichols. Yet it to be after graduation once Hana Mae yes, really made her note in the fashion world. She in reality designed because that Harley Davidson, Juicy Couture, and Mossimo! exactly how cool is that? What a talented woman! In 2009, Hana Mae started her very own jewelry line, Hanamahn, which means "just one" in Korean. The next year, she expanded Hanamahn to also include clothing. Hana Mae likes to inspire v her designs and do some daring pieces instead of difficult to trends.

4 Ester Dean created Nicki Minaj"s "Superbass" and Katy Perry"s "Firework"

prefer her co-star Hana Mae, Ester Dean is additionally a multi-talented performer. Not only is she a singer, actress, and rapper, yet Ester is also a songwriter. And I"m no talking around the form of song writer who pens ridiculous rhyming love songs in she bedroom. Ester is the actual deal. Rihanna"s song "Rude Boy"? Yup, that was written by Ester. She additionally wrote "What"s mine Name" and also "Where have actually You Been" because that Rihanna. And then she branched out and also wrote "Firework" for Katy Perry and "Super Bass" for Nicki Minaj. For this reason basically any type of super popular song that has actually been stuck in your head and also playing on the radio non stop is all many thanks to Ester Dean. This mrs is past gifted as soon as it involves her music abilities.

3 Ester Dean moved To Atlanta with $500 To begin Her Music Career

so it"s clear that Ester Dean is a huge deal in the music scene this days with every one of her songwriting credits. But when she was an initial starting out, Ester really had actually to hustle. In ~ 15 year old, she left her siblings and also moved with her mommy to Omaha. Ester started to really connect with music and also could be found trying to sing in neighborhood studios and writing for regional rappers and music producers. At 20 years old, Ester was prepared to shot her lucky at really breaking right into the music scene. She left Omaha with $500 in she pocket and drove 18 hours to Atlanta. There, Ester continued to sing wherever she could. Then at a concert, Ester to be singing to it s her backstage once a music producer heard her and asked to collection up a meeting. Ester blew him away v her samples and launched her music career.

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2 Chrissie Fit Created Cosmopolitan"s an initial Scripted Digital Series

Chrissie to the right is another brand-new addition to the Bellas. In the critical movie, she stole the spotlight v her deadpan one liners around life together a refugee. She comedic delivery and also timing to be spot on. For this reason spot on, in fact, that Chrissie controlled to find herself another comedic project. She"s behind Cosmopolitan"s first ever scripted digital series. The series, Temp(orary), to be created, produced, and written by Chrissie, who additionally stars in it. Talk around using every one of her talents! It"s developed in partnership with Whohaha i beg your pardon is additionally Elizabeth Banks" manufacturing company. And in one more Pitch Perfect connection, Brittany Snow additionally appears on the show! The series features Sam and Lexi, two ideal friends that take on temp work so castle can shot out different careers without any commitment now that their parents have reduced them off. Just problem? they lack straightforward life an abilities needed come adult. Cue the laugh track.

1 Alexis Knapp has actually A Daughter through Ryan Phillippe

Alexis Knapp dram Stacie in the Pitch Perfect series. She"s the more sexually totally free Bella who loves to stretch and also really put herself the end there. Besides her function in pitch Perfect, Alexis is most likely most famed for being Ryan Phillippe"s baby mama! Ryan Phillippe is Reese Witherspoon"s ex-husband, which method Alexis" boy is a half-sibling come Ryan and Reese"s youngsters from their former marriage. Carry out you think they all get together because that Christmas dinner? Unlikely. Alexis had actually her daughter, Kailani (Kai), in 2011 as soon as she was just 21 year old. After much speculation, it to be revealed the Alexis" ex-boyfriend, Ryan Phillippe, was in fact the father. If Ryan and Alexis didn"t date for very long and didn"t arrangement to have actually a infant together, they have remained friends for the sake of your child. Alexis then went on to day Seth Macfarlane the Family Guy fame.

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