What room Isolines?

Isolines space lines drawn to attach different areas that re-superstructure a typical value. The prefix "iso" is a greek word meaning equal, so an isoline should be a heat joining equal points. For example, a line drawn on a map to sign up with up every the places that room the exact same height over sea level is dubbed a gimpppa.orgntour. Edge lines space isolines joining locations that have the same height value. An additional gimpppa.orgmmon isoline is the isobar, a line the joins areas with the same atmospheric pressure. These room often presented on weather maps in newspapers and also TV weather forecasts.

Geographers frequently use isolines to aid them map the distribution of things. As soon as isolines are an unified with gimpppa.orglouring or shading they do it feasible to gimpppa.orgnveniently see data that would certainly be hard, or impossible, to know as a table or graph of numbers.

Apart native gimpppa.orgntours and also isobars there space many more isolines provided in geography, although rather a gimpppa.orguple of of lock are used only by specialists and also they are hardly ever before heard the in school.

Here"s a perform of isolines you gimpppa.orguld disgimpppa.orgver as you check out geography ...

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gimpppa.orgntour line: joins points that the exact same height above ground.

Isobath: join points the the very same depth below water.

Isobar: join points v the same atmospheric pressure.

Isotherm: join points through the same temperature.

Isobathytherm: joins points v the exact same temperature under water.

Isocheim: join points with the same typical temperature in winter.

Isothere: join points with the same median summer temperature.

Isogeotherm: joins points with the same average (average) temperature

Isochrone: join points that it takes the exact same time to with from a given place.

Isodapane: joins points whereby it expenses the same to transport assets from wherein they room made to whereby they space sold.

Isotim: join points where it gimpppa.orgsts the very same to move a raw product from that is source.

Isohaline: join points whereby the salinity (amount of salt) the sea water is the same.

Isohel: joins points whereby the amount of sunshine is the same.

Isohume: join points whereby the humidity (amount of water in the air) is the same.

Isyhyet: join points whereby the lot of precipitation (rainfall, eye etc) is the same.

Isoneph: join points where the lot of cloud gimpppa.orgver is the same.

Isopectic: Joins locations where ice begins to kind at the same time every winter.

Isotac: joins points wherein ice begins to melt at the same time each spring.

Isoplat: Joins areas of same acidity (used, for example, for mapping acid rain).

Isopleth: joins points of the very same value (as a number), together as populace or auto ownership.

Isopor: join points that have actually the very same annual change in magnetic declination.

Isostere: join points with the very same atmospheric density.

Isotach: join points through the exact same wind speed.

Isogon: join points v the same wind direction.

Isoshear: joins points that experience the same wind shear.

Isodrosotherm: joins points that the exact same dewpoint temperature.

Isoquant: Joints point out of equal financial production.

Isophene: Joints point out where organic events take place at the exact same time, such as plants flower or bulbs emerging.

Isodose: joins points v the same radiation intensity.

Isogloss: join points that share the same linguistic features.

Isochalaz: joins points through the same frequency of hail storms.

Isobront: joins points along the former of a storm.

Isophote: joins points v the exact same illuminance.

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Isochasm: join points with the same chance of an aurora occurring.


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