Matter is defined as anything that takes up an are and has mass. Everything approximately you is consisted of of matter. Matter is a generic term because that the "stuff" approximately you.

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Taking up space method that an object has a measurable size or volume. Massive is a residential or commercial property of matter that is a measure up of that resistance come acceleration. An additional property of issue is that has a gravitational force, such the objects entice each other with a weak force.

there are also various corpuscle of matter.

Questions girlfriend may have actually include:

exactly how does issue take increase space? What is mass? What are the particles of matter?

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Matter takes up space

Particles the matter have actually size and take increase space. In ~ the really least, all matter has actually three dimensions: length, width and height. This is somewhat noticeable when you look at miscellaneous objects approximately you. They all take increase space.

Note: There room theories that issue may consist of many an ext than three dimensions. Due to the fact that we consists matter, and we are likewise 3-dimensional objects, us cannot suffer or measure other dimensions except through mathematics theories.

Measurements have actually been make of the diameter of various atoms and the space they take up. That is assumed that the miscellaneous subatomic particles additionally have a physics size and also take increase space.

Matter has mass

When things is accelerated, the inertia resists that acceleration according to the fixed of the object. Thus, massive is a building of issue that indicates its resistance to acceleration.


Objects or quantities of matter will attract each various other through a gravitation force related come the amount of massive in the objects.


The amount of mass every unit volume of an object or material is dubbed its density. That is how much fixed is stuffed right into a given volume.

Particles of matter

There are miscellaneous particles of matter that comprise atoms.

Classical particles

Classical particles space the proton, neutron, and electron, as well as their anti-particles. These deserve to be subdivided right into Leptons and Quarks.

(See fundamental Particles of matter for an ext information.)

There are species of matter various than the plain forms.

Dark matter

Another sports of matter, referred to as dark matter, is quiet a theory. Expensive measurements show that part galaxies have much more mass than is observed. The concept is the there exist some kind of "dark matter" the cannot be seen however that has actually an affect on the heaviness of those galaxies.


Matter is anything that takes up an are and has mass. Taking up space method that an object has a measurable volume. Massive indicates just how much pressure is required to move the object. Sports of issue include classic matter and also dark matter.

Make things matter

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