Seven years ago, on may 16, 2013, the collection finale of NBC’s struggle documentary-style display The Office aired. Three months earlier (or what feels choose years in pandemic time), there to be a spike in cast members from The Office do a comeback – however this time together brands, working with them to encourage products throughout a variety of category with three revolving roughly the supervisor Bowl.

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Although these ads native 2020 don’t follow the exact same mockumentary format footage that viewers flourished to love (with Panera Bread being the exception), countless still save the same good tongue-in-cheek feeling that comes with just seeing a familiar face from The Office. Not to mention, they’re quiet much better than Michael Scotts’ shoddy yet unironically hopeful attempt at making a local ad for Dunder Mifflin.

While the usage of celebrity can be fraught, this ads created a hopeful affinity in viewers’ eyes through humor, nevertheless of whether or not the to plan audience known the featured stars.

Bush’s beans – Brian Baumgartner spills the bean on His renowned Chili Recipe

This advertisement shows clean ties to arguably one of the an ext iconic scenes from The Office where Kevin (played by gibbs Brian Baumgartner) pour out his well known chili. The a very funny scene, come say the least, but also sad seeing among the points that Kevin is most proud of go to rubbish in together a Kevin-way. 

This ad, featuring a mini cooking tutorial led by Baumgartner, nailed that by scoring right into the solid band of signal on our Funny metric, tying v “Best Thing since Sliced Bread” as the funniest of The Office ads. On optimal of that, it obtained a heavy score on Love It, indicating that viewers verified enthusiastic adoration because that the character together with the Bush’s Beans/ad itself:


Baumgartner’s advertisement also tied through Hyundai’s “Smaht Pahk” (mentioned below), through 58% of viewers showing boosted purchase intent after watching the ad (vs. The 46% Staples group norm) – making the Bush’s Beans and Hyundai ads the greatest on this metric. This Bush’s Beans advertisement also performed very well in regards come our effectiveness measures, v above-norm scores throughout the board:


Cheerios – Buzz Meets Leslie

Seeing Stanley Hudson (played by actor Leslie David Baker) taking treatment of his heart health and wellness with love husband Nut Cheerios sparked a range of hopeful emotions among viewers. Whether or not they were acquainted with the character recognized for having heart concerns in The Office, the success of this advertisement was really in its ability to showcase the product in one attractive and also friendly manner:


This advertisement also result in around 4% the viewers discussing Stanley through name, mirroring a clear recognition of character. Also for viewers that may be unfamiliar with the present or might not specifically remember the character’s name, the chemistry in between Cheerios’ zestful brand mascot Buzz and also Stanley’s stern means of interacting served the audience with a highlight of what this product is all about without relying on them catching the subtle reference.

Hyundai – Smaht Pahk

“Smaht Pahk” debuted during Super key LIV and also featured a slew of an extremely well-known celebrities, ultimately ending up being the highest-scoring Super key LIV ad with one Ace Score of 738. Alongside Rachel Dratch, chris Evans, and David “Big Papi” Ortiz, this ad featured john Krasinski (The Office’s Jim Halpert) as himself. Krasinski climbed to call as among the key stars native The Office, notorious for the amount of pranks he pulls on Dwight and also the seemingly limitless perfect looks that he provides the camera.

With the all at once production high quality (Super key status) and also product-centric storytelling in “Smaht Pahk”, that no surprised that Krasinki, along with the an unified star-power that the other celebrities, make for an extremely successful ad throughout all component scores versus 180-day Auto-Industry norms and generated a slew of emotional reactions:


It need to be provided that when Jim can have to be the king the the pranks, the didn’t win the LOL war through Dwight. While “Smaht Pahk” scored a hard 5.5 on Funny, it to be no match for Rainn Wilson’s tiny Caesar’s spot.

Little Caesar’s – finest Thing due to the fact that Sliced Bread

Fans certain love Dwight (played through Rainn Wilson) for every the shenanigans the he it s okay into, while others might think that some of his hobbies room just means too random to pave one’s head roughly (ahem, things favor bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica). Nonetheless, Rainn Wilson is may be to accomplish a career goal in this at sight Bowl ad that Dwight (Assistant to the local Manager) could only have actually dreamt that – CEO that the Sliced Bread company.

Not patent to Dwights’ behavior, this little Caesar’s spot mirrors havoc wreaking throughout the Sliced Bread company with Wilson’s executive personality at the helm as things begin to fall apart because that him and the business. Several of the greatest Emos that fired in this advertisement included Funny (tied with Kevin’s appearance in the Bush’s baked Beans ad and ranked among the Funniest Super bowl LIV ads), Surreal and Curiosity – similar to other ads starring actors for The Office:

Panera Bread – Panera hires Phyllis Smith

Phyllis Vance (married to Bob Vance that Vance Refrigeration) is played by Phyllis Smith and is recognized for comes off together the soft-spoken and also motherly-like personality throughout the show. The mockumentary-style footage from The Office carries end to this Panera Bread advertisement along v Phyllis’s personality traits. Instead of being the sales representative for Dunder Mifflin, she the society Media Coordinator for Panera Bread tasked with security all the typical social media posts from consumers wanting French Onion Soup to be brought back to stores.

“Panera rental Phyllis Smith” effectively emulated the feeling from the show, with viewers greatly connecting v that emotion in the ad:

“I really delighted in this ad. I liked how they made a lack of a much requested product right into a comedic advertisement and announced the the French onion soup is easily accessible now after many requests. It gained my attention due to the fact that I love the show The Office and also seeing the character Phyllis in this advertisement made it relatable and funny.” mrs 16-20

“I loved the they had actually Phylliss native the office reading typical comments native panera customers i thought it to be hilarious.” masculine 16-20

“I LOVE THE OFFICE! i really reap seeing Phyllis outside of Netflix. That captivated me come stay and also listen to the commercial!” female 16-20

FOX – listen To FOX’s mayor Of Monday

Saving the worst (according come Michael Scott) for last* is FOX’s Super bowl promo advertisement starring Toby Flenderson. Every jokes aside, the actor the plays Toby (Paul Lieberstein) also happens to have been a writer, director, producer and showrunner on The Office. Much to Michael Scott’s dismay, 28% of viewers made decision Toby as the single Best Thing around the advertisement (vs. The 180-day 10% Entertainment industry norm).

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Lieberstein’s personality in this ad mirrored Toby’s HR representative persona through his formal and also often look at emotionless/overly patience demeanor. Return the solution to this ad indicates over there was basic confusion the the concept (staying residence from occupational the work after the super Bowl), viewers still associated with the Office-like comedy. 

The feeling landed fine in this ads nevertheless of whether viewers were fans the the display or just unaware of that the stars were in this ads. It’s safe to say the if a brand is attempting come strike a Funny chord with viewers, spreading a member native The Office can go a long means when done right.