You"re going back to the ministry of Magic to learn more about Harry"s secret. Go all the method to the right until you come across a blockade, which can be ruined by the explode of a cauldron was standing nearby. You need 3 ingredients. The an initial one can be uncovered right in ~ the entrance in one of the 3 spheres do of glass.

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You"ll find the critical ingredient after you placed three spheres into proper spots. Place them follow to the colors of the stands. Litter all ingredients right into the cauldron - they will explode. Bother learns his secret. Unfortunately, the death Eaters appear.

In every case, you need to throw something at fatality Eater. Assemble the bricks lied on the ground. Then lift the armchair by utilizing the WL spell and also throw it in the ideal direction (press and hold the W key).


Switch to Sirius, turn into a dog and also dig in the sand. Throw the dug plant, just like the armchair, to eliminate one more Death Eater.

Another adversary is Bellatrix Lestrange. In order to loss her you need to use Diffindo to destroy the red bricks and assemble things that deserve to be supplied to fear Bellatrix away (throw it at her).

To save an additional friend, you have actually to destroy the stones lying under the rock. Select Sirius and also use RD spell to shatter the boulders. Litter the last rock at fatality Eater.

Further come the left, you will certainly find much more bricks. Usage the WL spell to develop a violet skeleton and also throw the at her opponent.

After conserving your friend you need to take part in a duel. The doesn"t issue who you have actually to fight with, however you have to defeat your foe four times. After ~ winning the battle, Bellatrix will certainly deceitfully death Sirius and also run away. Bother sets turn off to follow her yet suddenly lord Voldemort himself will appear.

However, Albus Dumbledore comes to your aid. This is a very challenging battle. In ~ the beginning you have to defeat Voldemort in a brief duel by quickly clicking the activity key.

Then, when a fiery dragon appears, you need to assemble a sprinkle extinguisher as quickly as possible by utilizing the WL spell. Also, you need to evade and dodge enemy assaults all the time. Once you regulate to carry out this, approach one of the valves and release the water by making use of the WL spell.

Move close to the fountain and also use WL spell to grab a water sphere and direct it in the direction of Voldemort. After the there will be one more short duel.

When you are assaulted by the sharp glass pieces try to hind behind Dumbledore. Once some bricks will appear, construct items and also throw them at Lord Voldemort (use the WL spell). Repeat this numerous times till you defeat the evil wizard. Congratulations, you have completed one more chapter that the harry Potter adventure.

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