In thing 5 that A separate Peace, discover evidence and also quotations the prove that Gene want to be prefer Finny, and explain why.
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Gene is envious that the issue the masters at school have actually for Finny as soon as Finny is laid increase in the infirmary with his broken leg. The notes

it was as though castle felt the was particularly unfair the it have to strike among the sixteen year-olds, one of the few...

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Gene is envious the the worry the masters at school have for Finny when Finny is laid increase in the infirmary through his damaged leg. The notes

it was as though lock felt that was particularly unfair that it need to strike one of the sixteen year-olds, among the few young men who could be cost-free and happy in the summer the 1942.

It is together if Gene also envies Finny once he is suffering; the is can not to transcend his own need for recognition to completely comprehend the experiencing of Finny. It is plausible that the discomfort Gene feels as soon as the understand compels him come visit Finny is, in part, because he is jealous of the concern the teacher has for a boy who is therefore popular and well-liked.

While Finny is in the infirmary, Gene costume in Finny"s clothes. In them, the says

it seemed, standing over there in Finny’s triumphant shirt, that ns would never stumble v the confusions the my very own character again.

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Gene has not yet developed his own distinctive identity, and also he is relieved to have the ability to borrow one indigenous a young he both admires and envies. The best Gene is may be to execute is to try to to convince the boys at school that he is a southern aristocrat so the he have the right to be in their league, socially speaking. Hanging photos of a plantation on the wall surface in his room at college is yet another way he tries come borrow an identity instead of cultivating one of his own. That is unable to express himself in a way that he deserve to truly own and be proud of, even though he has numerous admirable qualities of his own. Gene is an archetype that the fish-out-of-water narrative. His struggle is granted pathos by his action of causing Finny"s fall and also then emotion deep shame because that it.