I"ve been trying come understand how an waiting conditioner works. And so far I"ve to be able to understand that the an easy working is

a cool gaseous refrigerant, is passed v a compressor. Where it turns right into a liquid. And also that subsequently goes v some coils, whereby it releases heat to the outside. Then it goes with some sort of regulator valve, the releases the liquid into a pipe where the pressure is lower, and also so the goes earlier to the gaseous state, and also it is cool now, so it deserve to pass with coils. The ac climate runs the warm air in the room through these coils, the gas refrigerent absorbs this heat and cool waiting goes right into the room and the refrigerent goes back to the compressor and also the process continues.

I have three basic questions, why would certainly the refrigerent go back to liquid type when the pressure is increased in the condenser?

Why would this fluid then go on to release warm to the outside?

And just how does the refrigerent turn earlier to a really cool gas?

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First: how does a fridge work:

now its a tad blurry yet this answers a the majority of your inquiry straght away

1) " why would the refrigerent go back to liquid type when the press is enhanced in the condenser?"

Boyles regulation states that through a continuous temperature, press is inversely proportional come volume, for this reason if you increase the pressure the volume decreases, i m sorry increases thickness (as massive doesn"t change), condensing it into liquid

2) "Why would certainly this fluid then go on come release warm to the outside?"

Because the the gas laws, if you compress something it heats up, from over there you have actually a conductive metal which absorbs a many the heat, friend then have fans, which efficiently increase the volume of air because that which the steel is in call with, boosting the rate at i beg your pardon it deserve to lose warmth to the surrounding air

3) "And how does the refrigerent turn ago to a really cool gas?"

More gas laws! if you have a high push liquid / gas, then unexpectedly drop the pressure of it, it will certainly cool down, which is also why a deoderant deserve to goes really cold as you usage up the critical of it, you have decreased the pressure, therefore the temperature drops