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reference no: EM13164120

a steel object with a mass of 19g is heated come 96 degrees Celsius, then moved to a calorimeter containing 75g the water a1 18 degrees Celsius. The water and also metal object with a final temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. What is the particular heat of this steel object? What is the metal?

describe a equipment is ready by mix koh

A systems is ready by mix 35.00 ml of 0.061 M Zn(NO3)2(aq) v 20.00 ml of KOH(aq) through 20.00 ml KOH(aq) through a pH of 9.00. A) will zinc hydroxide precipitate (Ksp zn

explain at what price in drops every minute must a dose

at what price in drops every minute need to a dose of 23 mcg/kg/min the dopamine be administered come a 60 kg patient using a equipment containing dopamine, 1,109 mcg/mL and a drip

define what is the wavelength that the occurrence radiation

If a molecule having actually an ionization power of 10.51 eV produce a photoelectron having a kinetic energy of 7.01676E-19 J, what is the wavelength the the incident radiation?

State just how much therapeutic toughness

Cesium-131 is a short lived radioisotope (t 1/2 = 9.7 days) used to act prostate cancer. Just how much therapeutic stamin does a cesium-131 resource lose over 45.0 days?

explain the common-ion effect influence the ph of equipment

Compare solutions 2 and also 4. Exactly how does the common-ion effect influence the pH of solution 4. Please describe fully, and also calculate the meant pH of every of this solutions.

Depression developed by some coastal rocks

A puddle of coastal seawater, captured in a depression developed by some seaside rocks at high tide, begins to evaporate on a hot summer day together the birds goes out. If the volume o

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The sulphur administer some an essential features of the regular table

using the facets sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine, iron, hydrogen and also sulphur, provide some an essential features the the routine

define what must the molar concentration of benzoic acid

What have to the molar concentration of benzoic acid and also sodium benzoate be in a solution that is buffered at a pH the 4.55 and has a freezing allude of -2.0 °C.