Revel in this trove of nine enchantingly fanciful and marine-based cumulative nouns, including the charmingly named smack that jellyfish.

Over 500 years ago, Dame Juliana Berners, a noblewoman and also the prioress that the Sopwell Nunnery in England, published a arsenal of advice ~ above fishing, hawking, hunting and heraldry. Called the “Book the St. Albans,” this curious volume additionally contained a trove that strange and also humorous explanation of noun groups. Several of these collective nouns attained widespread acceptance such together a “flight that stairs” and a “school that fish.” over time, added terms recorded on when some remained a hoax or were hardly ever used, e.g. A “nutcluster that dugongs” or “host the angelfish.” one of our favorites shows up in the location to this short article — a smack of jellyfish.

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Referring to the animal’s behavior or the poetic images conjured native the human beings observing them, the list listed below of nine marine-based cumulative nouns continues to be enchantingly fanciful (and much more or much less officially sanctioned). So, next time you on a dive boat, surprise and impress your buddies by introduce to the animals you see through the listed below terms.

A battery that barracudaA party that rainbow fishA glide or squadron of flying fishA fluther or smack the jellyfishA chaos of porpoises (far much more delightful 보다 the typical alliteration, “pod that porpoises”)

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A heat of stingrays (which includes any type of of the stingray family, such together eagle rays and butterfly rays)A risk of lobstersA flotilla of swordfishA shiver or slew of sharks (more bloodcurdling 보다 the plain “school of sharks”)

Bonus fact:

Often provided interchangeably, a “shoal of fish” and a “school that fish” represent distinctive activities. A shoal that fish congregates with each other socially to benefit from safety and security in numbers, but each does together it pleases. A school of fish collaborates their behavior and maneuvers together one, together as when they swim tightly with each other or rapidly transform direction in unison.

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