The fluid filled cavity in between alimentary canal and also body wall surface of multicellular triploblastic animals is well-known as human body cavity. Generally, the human body cavity the is lined by mesodermal peritoneal membrane is well-known as coelom. Follow to Hyman (1955), coelom is the hollow room between alimentary canal and body wall surface which is lined by mesodermal peritoneal tissues. Coelom gives the room for most of the visceral organs. In between two embryonic class of mesoderm, coelom originates as a an additional body cavity. Haeckel an initial proposed the hatchet coelom in 1972.

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Coelom is also known as the perivisceral cavity the has fluid filled compartments, transversely partitioned through septa. In arthropods and also mollusks, coelom is lessened or missing but the is current in the embryonic stage. Instead of coelom, lock have an are with blood and lymph, well-known as haemocoel. In this animals, the haemocoel is the main body cavity while the coelom is the an additional body cavity.

Coelom is a an additional body cavity which is formed during embryonic advancement by dividing of mesoderm into two layers, a somatic layer and a splanchnic layer.t

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In this case, coelomic fluid-filled cavity is lacking but the space between the body wall surface and the gut is to fill by connective tissue, known as mesenchyme. The animals without a coelomic fluid-filled human body cavity in between the body wall and digestive street are known as acoelomates and also the group of animals is described as acoelomata.