calorie, abbr. Cal, unit that heat energy in the metric system. The measure of warm is called calorimetry. The calorie, or gram calorie, is the amount of heat compelled to raise the temperature the 1 gram the pure water 1°C. The kilocalorie, or kilogram calorie, is the amount of heat forced to progressive the temperature the 1 kg the pure water 1°C; the is same to 1,000 cal. The kilocalorie is supplied in dietetics for stating the heat content that a food, i.e., the quantity of heat power that the food deserve to yield as it passes v the body; in this context, the kilocalorie is usually called simply the calorie. The quantity of heat energy needed to impact a 1°C temperature boost in 1 gram of water varies through temperature (see heat capacity); for this reason the temperature selection over i beg your pardon the heating takes place must be declared to specify the calorie precisely. The 15° calorie, or regular calorie, is widely used in chemistry and also physics; it is measure by heating a 1-gram water sample native 14.5°C to 15.5°C in ~ 1 atmosphere pressure. The 4° calorie, additionally called the small calorie or therm, is measured indigenous 3.5°C come 4.5°C (water is most dense at 3.98°C); the large calorie, or Calorie, is indistinguishable to 1,000 small calories. The typical value the the calorie in the range 0°C to 100°C is called the mean calorie; it is 1⁄100 of the power needed to heat 1 gram that water native its melting allude to its boiling point. The calorie may additionally be characterized by expressing its value in part other energy units. The 15° calorie is tantamount to 4.185 joules (J), 1.162×10−6 kilowatt-hours, 3.968×10−3 British heat units, and also 3.087 foot-pounds; the 4° calorie amounts to 4.204 J; and also the median calorie equates to 4.190 J. Two other calories sometimes used are the International heavy steam Table calorie, same to 4.187 J, and also the thermochemical calorie, equal to 4.184 J. When the calorie is supplied for precision measurement of warmth energy, the specific calorie being used must be specified.

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