My 8 year old child is quiet wearing traction ups come bed, and they are very wet in the morning. Ns don"t know what come do. His girlfriend is coming because that a sleep end at mine home, and also my son stated he is worried he will watch him in traction ups and also laugh. Is anyone rather in the very same situation? any tips to obtain him to stop weeing in ~ night? sorry this is a little embarrassing.

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Maybe you should get rid of the traction ups and also see exactly how he it s okay on. If the doesn"t have actually to acquire up at night he probably won"t! and if his human body doesn"t seem come be informing him, he demands to go then ask her GP. Ns think over there is a hormone that your body establishes that wakes girlfriend up, and also he must def. Have that through 8. Can be worth putting off the sleepover till you"ve obtained a manage on it though?My nephew had this problem until he to be 7 however it sorted itself out.

Hi i don"t know why you have tried yet I have actually just newly toilet trained my 3 year old he to be dry throughout the day but not in ~ night therefore I readjusted his bedtime a little bit later simply made sure he was going come the toilet generally throughout the day. No drinks prior to bed. Make certain he goes come the restroom just prior to he goes to sleep and also as shortly as that wakes in the morning. That"s all I can think of that takes time however he will gain there. As for the sleepover I"d just wait till they room both sleeping and sneak in and also out pull up top top your boy to save any type of embarrassment xx


Oh yeah and also as pp said we totally got rid that nappies and pull ups and also suffered a few wet beds prior to he gained the hang of that x

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OP mine sister wet the bed up until she was 12. No quantity of removing the pull ups is walking to do him dry together it"s a hormone reaction that renders u wake up up prior to you wee.My sister was provided nose sprays, buzzer mats, to be woken up in the night come wee and also stopped drinks from 5pm onwards and also none of that worked. She just had actually to wait until her body to be ready before she to be dry in ~ night. My boy wet till he was 5 and my nephew is 7 and still wets. If friend haven"t already then make an appointment with the medical professional who will be able to pescribe the sleep spray etc. That didn"t job-related for my sister however may work-related for your boy. Don"t eliminate the pull ups as this can only distress the child and also will an outcome in copious amount of washing and also a specific smell in the bedroom. Obtain your boy changed into pj"s away from his friend and his friend will never ever know.