I am building a dangerous (spec) home in an unincorporated subdivision exterior of mountain Antonio. Comps in the ar generally have 9" ceilings; mine plans speak to for 9" v 2 10" insets in the LR and also master BR. Community comps are ~$117/sqft.

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Has anyone right here evaluated the ROI that spending much more putting in the 9 footers contrasted to the 8? i ran a pair grand over budget on my foundation and putting in the 8 footers would placed me back on budget, yet with what affect on the selling price!?!

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James Evertson

I can"t tell you just how much that will affect sales price however I deserve to tell girlfriend from an individual experience that some buyers will certainly not even look in ~ or consider 8" ceilings. Store in mind the this is in san Diego in the $500-600k range that I have seen this so ns am no sure how your residence will compare.

What is the price selection on the topic property?


I would absolutely go with the 9 foot ceilings. Not just does it do the house show up larger however it likewise gives friend the capacity to placed solid core 8 foot doors which ns think is an ever bigger bang for the buck. This will give the home much larger scale and also stand out versus your competition.


Price range is $200-$250k with typical comp at $117/sqft. In mine neck the the woods that is lower/mid-range i m sorry is why i am contemplatingwhether 9" is a must.


My opinion is that 8" ceilings feel like you are in one apartment. The 9" ceiling constantly makes a room/house feel bigger and more spacious. I constantly think around the buyer and if they are taller they will store looking. I would look in ~ it this way...If you list her property and another residence comes ~ above the industry int the ar that has the 9" ceilings will certainly the the person who lives buy that residence over yours?

Hope the helps! finest of luck!


James Evertson Go v the 9" ceilings, and also save money someplace else! 8" ceilings watch dated. 9" makes a large difference. Ceilings aren"t something civilization can upgrade after castle buy it, etc. No doing it appropriate the an initial time will be a vast mistake. We"ve been building for 30 years, and also know something around buyers.

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Thank girlfriend everybody because that opining on this. Maybe I"ll leave out the rock fireplace instead(this is main Texas...)

I"m in love of Texas, Belton/Temple/ Killeen area. I have built about 400 homes and also used 8" foot ceilings in most locations thats not important. That a issue of perception. Ns vault native 8" wall surface plates to 9" in entry, living, kitchen and dining. Master br v 9" popular music ups. 8" external walls conserves tons. My hot buttons to draw attention away would be crown, fireplace with limestone, fancy light fixtures, upgraded cabinet doors with 30" uppers, stained concrete or laminate floors and stainless appliances and also brushed nickel everywhere and also two tone paint. My greatest perception of worth was dressing the front elevations with front porches. Bottomline though it all starts through the floorplan design. Square the back, an elaborate the front, 2-3 ridges ~ above the roof and also all hip with a gable top top the front. I have actually lots more ideas, yet I make money. Not be fear of the 8 footers.