In this Bulldog dimension guide, you will certainly learn about Bulldog size standards and growth trends so you have the right to be fully prepared come welcome your brand-new four-legged household member home. If you’ve already embraced a puppy, you’ll discover our interaction Bulldog dimension chart and also growth calculator a valuable tool because that tracking and also predicting your Bulldog’s full-grown size. Let’s obtain started!

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Our comfortable interactive puppy expansion chart and calculator takes all the hard work the end of predicting her puppy’s potential adult size. This help you come know precisely what you room in for.

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Bulldog size Predictions: How big Does A Bulldog Get?

Also recognized as the English Bulldog, Bulldogs are adorable, chunky looking dogs. Although your distinctive features could make lock intimidating to some, Bulldogs space actually really sweet, loving, and calm companions. Bulldogs are popular for being courageous, curious, and social. If you’re trying to find a friendly pup that enjoys a peaceful lifestyle, a Bulldog will be approximately the task.

But how large does a Bulldog gain exactly? In regards to height, this pup will not thrive into a high dog. By the AKC each other standards, Bulldogs stand 14 come 15 inches high at the shoulder. That course, some pups could fall slightly exterior the height range. Yet for a structure that short, Bulldogs do weigh quite a little – typically around 40 come 50 pounds.

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When it pertains to predicting a puppy’s adult size, yes sir a selection of components that we need to take right into account. These include their gender, their genetics, diet, and also how much they exercise. It is why it’s especially important friend feed your dog the right amount of food based upon their size and also exercise levels. Bulldogs room prone to weight problems so transporting excess body weight deserve to be an extremely damaging to your pup’s health. If you’d favor to learn much more about how much you need to feed her puppy, be sure to examine out this article.

Are There different Sizes of Bulldog?

Technically, Bulldogs come in just ‘one size’. Although by the AKC breed requirements the mean Bulldog size should be 14 come 15 customs in height, owners have actually reported your pups to autumn slightly outside the range. In addition, like with many other breeds, females can run smaller than the male Bulldogs, weighing an typical of 10 pounds less.

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Here’s a Bulldog dimension chart for male and female Bulldogs:

Female BulldogMale Bulldog
Weight40-45 pounds50-55 pounds
Height12-14 inches14-16 inches

*Keep in mind that a dog’s height is no measured in ~ the peak of its head, yet from the highest component of your shoulder blades, likewise known together the withers.

Did you understand that the French Bulldog was occurred from Toy Bulldogs? The Frenchie is a smaller sized version the the stocky Bulldog, weighing as much as 28 pounds once completely grown. If you’d choose to learn an ext about the French Bulldog’s size, make sure to examine out this article.

Bulldog dimension Charts & development Patterns – Month Wise

Bulldogs endure their development from bear to adult similarly as other dog breeds. For the very first 6 months, her puppy will suffer the fastest growth stages. ~ that, you have the right to expect them to get weight and grow taller at a slow pace. Depending on their size, her Bulldog will most likely finish growing approximately 12 come 18 month old.

Additionally, this is why it’s an especially important the your Bulldog puppy gets the correct nourishment he demands to grow that adorable little body into a healthy and balanced adult one. Check out these guides on best dog food because that puppies here.

We’ve created an interaction Bulldog size chart and weight calculator that you can use to track and predict your puppy’s size. Make certain to shot it out!

Let’s have actually a look at the usual Bulldog size predictions by age:

Age3 months6 months9 months12-18 months
Weight16 pounds33 pounds44 pounds50 pounds
Height8 inches12 inches14 inches15 inches

Looking in ~ the Bulldog dimension chart above, we see that through 6 month old, Bulldogs have already reached about 75% of your adult elevation and much more than half of their adult weight. At 12 month old, they have actually usually reached their full height. Puppies will then proceed to gain some an ext weight and fill the end over the next few months. Typically, a smaller sized Bulldog will finish cultivation earlier than a bigger pup.

How large Is A full Grown Bulldog?

A full-grown Bulldog deserve to weigh anywhere around 40 come 50 pounds and stand 14 come 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Typically, masculine Bulldogs weigh around 50 to 55 pounds, and females roughly 40 to 45 pounds. Females can also be slightly much shorter than the males.

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As Bulldogs room prone come obesity, us recommend you save a nearby eye on their caloric intake and also track your weight. If she worried about your pup obtaining too lot weight, consult with your vet to uncover the best solution for her dog.

You have the right to calculate your potential adult weight at 23 weeks by acquisition what they weigh at that age and also multiplying it by two.

A different formula you might use is:

Growth = present weight / present age in weeksAdult weight = expansion x 52 (number of mainly in one year)

So, because that example, if her 12-week old pup weighs 18 pounds. You just divide the present weight by their period in weeks and also multiply the an outcome with 52:

Is A Bulldog considered A huge Breed?

Based ~ above the Bulldog’s mean height and also weight, they are considered as a medium-sized breed. Other dog each other in the same height selection are often taken into consideration as little or medium-sized dogs. However, many thanks to the Bulldog’s chubby and muscular construct on a very short frame, they space most commonly regarded as medium-sized dogs. Although little in size, it i will not ~ be as straightforward picking up a Bulldog!

How large Will my Bulldog Get?

Your puppy’s gender, diet, genetic makeup, and also how lot they exercise deserve to all contribute to their size. Fortunately, over there are rather a few ways how you deserve to guesstimate your Bulldog’s full-grown size. Firstly, if you adopting her Bulldog native a responsible breeder, you have the right to ask castle how huge the parental are, and how large do the puppies in each litter get. Usually, the litters have to be pretty regular in terms of size and other breed characteristics. Additionally, if you’d prefer to calculate her Bulldog’s full-grown weight, shot our interactive Bulldog size chart and puppy growth calculator.

To conclude, knowledge the dimension of her pet is an essential for giving them a healthy and also happy life. Whether you require to take into consideration if your house is an ideal for your size, exactly how much you’ll be safety money ~ above dog food, or expertise your dog’s healthy weight range, size does matter. Us hope you learned some useful information about the size and growth patterns of Bulldogs, and also can be fully-prepared for a long and also happy life through your brand-new furry small companion.

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