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Choose her currencies

Click ~ above the dropdown to pick GHS in the very first dropdown as the currency that you desire to convert and also USD in the second drop under as the currency you want to transform to.

That’s it

Our currency converter will show you the current GHS come USD rate and also how it’s readjusted over the past day, main or month.

Banks regularly advertise totally free or low-cost transfers, but add a hidden markup come the exchange rate. Gimpppa.org offers you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, so you have the right to make large savings on your international money transfers.


Conversion prices Ghanaian Cedi / united state Dollar
1 GHS0.16481 USD
5 GHS0.82406 USD
10 GHS1.64813 USD
20 GHS3.29626 USD
50 GHS8.24065 USD
100 GHS16.48130 USD
250 GHS41.20325 USD
500 GHS82.40650 USD
1000 GHS164.81300 USD
2000 GHS329.62600 USD
5000 GHS824.06500 USD
10000 GHS1648.13000 USD

Top currencies

EUREuroGBPBritish lb SterlingUSDUS DollarINRIndian Rupee CADCanadian DollarAUDAustralian DollarCHFSwiss FrancMXNMexican Peso1EUREuro1GBPBritish lb Sterling 1USDUS Dollar1INRIndian Rupee
10.846551.1602087.337001.43598 1.564881.0691023.86830
0.011450.009690.01328 10.016440.017920.012240.27329

Beware of negative exchange rates.

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Banks and also traditional providers often have extra costs, i beg your pardon they happen to you by noting up the exchange rate. Our clever tech method we’re an ext efficient – which way you acquire a an excellent rate. Every time.