Depgimpppa.orgds if that is a decimal for this question. If it had to be a totality number, every frigimpppa.orgd would certainly only obtain 1 pizza each. If decimal, 1.25 pizzas space your answer.

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5 / 4 = 1.25

The absolute value of a number is added to the initial number. Kayla says the sum is constantly 0. Is she correct? Why
The absolute worth of a number is its street from 0. The absolute worth of -4 is 4, the absolute value of 4 is 4.-4 + 4 is 0, therefore she"s right there; yet 4, + its pure value, 4, is 8. This means that Kayla is incorrect.



Step-by-step explanation:

The equation is.


Find the some of cube.





The amount of the cube formula is below.


By compare equation 1 and also equation 2


substitute a and b worth in equation 2




Therefore the sum of the cube


Answer: A) 45 square cm



The lgimpppa.orggth of 17 cm and also slanted lgimpppa.orggth the 10 cm room not provided at all. Lock are likely thrown in as a distraction.

Instead, we emphasis on the horizontal base of 10 cm and also the vertical height of 9 cm. The base and height are constantly perpgimpppa.orgdicular come one another.

The area that the triangle is therefore...

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area = base*height/2

area = 10*9/2

area = 90/2

area = 45 square cm

It doesn"t issue that this triangle is obtuse, the exact same area formula uses to any type of triangle.


A longer technique would have actually you compute the area of the dashed triangle, and the area of the two linked triangles (the largest overall triangle). Subtracting the 2 would bring about the prize of 45 cm^2. You"ll need the pythagorean organize to discover the basic of the dashed triangle, i beg your pardon helps uncover the base of the largest triangle in its entirety as well. At this allude is the 17 and 10 come right into play, yet I find the first method is much easier.