Other everydayquestions include“What time’s lunch?” and also “When shall us meet?,” so it’s no wonder youngsters learn to tell the moment from a young age.

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But also though it’s a very useful skill and also excellent practice ofSpanish numbers, telling the time is sometimesskipped through self-learners and classes.

So if you missed that particular class, or just want a small refresherof Spanish time telling, this is the right short article for you. In fact, we’d also go as much as saying that this short article is going to make your life better. Here’s how…

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How discovering to TellTime in Spanish Will improve Your Life

Learning come tell the time should, in theory, mean you’re never ever late again. However, if you’re perpetually late in your very own language, us can’t promise you’ll turn over a new leaf as soon as you’ve perfect this post, despite we have the right to teach you exactly how to talk about your lateness.

Latecomers could find phrases such together estoy llegando tarde(I’m to run late),perdón por la demora(sorry I’m late) andestoy llegando/estoy decamino (I’m on mine way) useful. And if your bad timekeeping really gets the better of you,no llego(I can’t make it).

As well together being may be to describe your lateness, you’ll be able to comfortably and also confidently do arrangements. So following time who invites you to an interview or a hot day in Spanish, you’ll have no difficulty arranging a time to fulfill them.

Knowing just how to tell the time is also one the those skills that you’ll more than likely use every time friend speak Spanish, so much so that at some point you won’t even an alert you’re law it. For this reason let’sget started!

How to Tell Time in Spanish: her Groovy Guide

The basics of Spanish time

There are a couple of simple rules the all Spanish time tellers must know.

First that all, always use serto call the time, no estar.The time is a irreversible entity, apparently, and therefore doesn’t desire to be explained using estar,which argues temporariness. Also if the clock is constantly ticking.

To asking what the time is, speak ¿Qué hora es?”

If the time simply happens to it is in on the hour,you might answer that inquiry with:

Es la una(It’s one o’clock)

Son ras dos(It’s two o’clock)

Son ras tres(It’s three o’clock)

Son las cuatro(It’s 4 o’clock)

And for this reason on. If you must reviewyour numbers, you can do that here.

Note that we only use esfor one o’clock and also all timesbetween 1:00and 1:59(es la una y cincuenta y nueve).This is since one hour is singular.

Use sonfor all various other times after and including two o’clock: Son las dos(It’s two o’clock),Son las cinco y cuarto(It’s quarter previous five). This is due to the fact that they room plural, in the they consist of more than one hour.

The time is feminine, so girlfriend should always use lasand lato explain it. For this reason that’s why us say“Son las seis” (It’s six o’clock), because that example.

In some Spanish-speaking countries, the 24-hour clock is preferred, therefore you could hear“Son las dieciséis” (It’s 16:00), rather of “Son ras cuatro” (It’s 4 o’clock p.m.).

Half past, quarter past and also quarter to in Spanish time

Now the you’ve got the basics of telling the time once the clock strikes five (son ras cinco), seven (son ras siete) and also eleven (son las once), you deserve to move on to what happens as soon as it’s fifty percent past, 4 minutes 1 past and also quarter come the hour.

To say the it is half past the hour, usage es/son + +y media(not y medio, because the time is feminine) or y treinta.

So, 2:30 would be “Son las dos y media” or “Son ras dos y treinta.” Or if you’re utilizing the 24-hour clock and it’s the afternoon, you would say, “Son las catorce y media/treinta.

And of food 1:30 would certainly be “Es la una y media/treinta,” as we saw previously. Or “Son ras trece” if it’s the afternoon. Be cautious here, due to the fact that you have to use sonfor 13:30, butesfor 1:30.

To say the it’s quarter past the hour, usees/son+ +y cuarto/quince.Note the cuarto doesend in “o,” since cuarto method a quarter and the word ismasculine.

So if it’s 8:15, the moment would be:

Son ras ocho y cuarto/quince. (12-hr clock)

Son ras veinte y cuarto/quince.”(24-hr clock, evening)

The same principle applies when saying it’s quarter to the hour. Yet once you get past :30, you need to use menosand refer to the hour that is approaching, as with when you usage “quarter to” in English.

So you need to use:es/son + + menoscuarto.

So if it’s 4:45, or quarter to five, you have the right to say “Son las cinco menos cuarto”–because there’s a quarter of one hour before it’s 5 o’clock.

If you room using digital time, friend stick with the existing hour and also say es/son + +y cuarenta y cinco.

So making use of our example above (4:45), you could also say“Son ras cuatro y cuarenta y cinco.” everything floats your time informing boat.

Adding minute in Spanish time

Once you’ve acquired these crucial times covered, the remainder is easy.

To say any time between the hourand fifty percent past, add “y” to add the variety of minutes previous the hour. So 2:10 is“Son ras dos y diez.

Other numbers you could need are:

cinco (five)diez (ten)quince (fifteen)veinte (twenty)veinticinco (twenty-five)treinta(thirty)

Of course, girlfriend may likewise needonce(eleven) and all the other numbers native 1-60, however time telling isn’t typically so precise.

After half past the hour, you’ll likewise need:

treinta y cinco (thirty-five)cuarenta (forty)cuarenta y cinco (forty-five)cincuenta (fifty)cincuenta y cinco (fifty-five)

If you typically tell the moment with a digital watch, or prefer to say the moment in a “digital way,” you have the right to keep including y + the whole means ’round the clock. For this reason 2:55would be “Son ras dos y cincuenta y cinco.”

You don’t have to use menoswhen you usage the digital clock, however you have to read the following section anyway, since you can’t predict if the human you ask the time is going come respond using digital or analog time telling. Uneven you space some kind of time traveler, the is, in which case we’re guessing you’ve acquired time figured out.

Using menos in Spanish time

Just like in English (as we saw v “quarter to”), in analog time telling when you get to the second half of the hour, you start telling the time by just how long is left until the nexthour.

It’s rather forward thinking, if girlfriend think around it.

So in English, when it’s 4:40, analog human being say “It’s twenty (minutes)to five.” In Spanish, you can say “Son ras cinco menos veinte.” It’s practically the exact same in English, simply remember to say the hour that’s approaching prior to the variety of minutes come go prior to you get there.

So if it’s 7:50, to speak it’s “Son las ocho menos diez” (It’s tento eight).

Test yourself on telling the time in Spanish

Got it?

Try writing or saying these timesin Spanish, both in analog and digital time:


And climate check:

Es la una y cincoSon ras tres y cincuentay cinco. / kid las cuatro menos cinco.Son las once y cuarto/quince.Son las nueve y media/treinta.Son ras nueve.Son ras cinco y cuarenta y cinco. / boy las seis menos cuarto.Son las seis y cincuenta. / kid las siete menos diez.

For an extra challenge, currently say all those times utilizing the 24-hour clock and also assumeit’s the afternoon/evening.

You can likewise test yourself making use of this digital game. Two othertime telling gamings arethis oneandthis one, which has actually various levels with reviewsand games to test her newly-learned skills.

You might likewise want to try and integrate your time telling skills into your continual English-speaking life. So every time you look at your watch, phone call or tablet, you might say the moment aloud in Spanish.

You might even set up an alert on your phone to remind you to execute this, possibly asking“¿Qué hora es?” till you get into the habit of doing this regularly. A more low-tech version of this would be to put a sticky note alongside your alarm clock.

Alternatively, if someone asks girlfriend the time, you might say that in both languages. (This one perhaps is ideal done v close friends, as strangers top top the bus could not appreciate your bilingual time informing skills).

You could additionally ask your Spanish-speaking girlfriend to check you, or shot out your brand-new vocabularyby making part arrangements through them.

Other beneficial Spanish time phrases

Here room otheruseful words and also phrases you’ll need to understand to really end up being the King or Queen of Spanish Time Telling.

Times that day

elmediodía (midday)la medianoche (midnight)la madrugada (the center of the night)el amanecer (dawn)de la tarde (in the afternoon) – as in,son las seis de la tarde(it’s 6 o’clock in the afternoon)de la mañana (in the morning)de la noche (at night)

General time phrases

la semana pasada (last week)el mes pasado (last month). — friend can also sayel año pasado(last year)ayer (yesterday)anteayer (the day before yesterday)mañana (tomorrow)pasado mañana (the job after tomorrow)finde (a shortened method to speak fin de semana, or weekend)semana por medio (every other week)mes por medio (every other month). — girlfriend can additionally say día por medio(every various other day), or año por medio(every other year)en punto (exactly, or sharp). — because that example, son ras ocho en punto(it’s exactly eighto’clock). You can additionally use this come remind your late girlfriend to be on time, because that example, by saying, “Nos encontramos a las ocho en punto.” (We’re conference at eight o’clock sharp).

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So there you have it, you can tell the time in Spanish! give it a whirl right away: What time is it now?

Next stop, time travel!

Sadly,you’re on your own with the one.

Good luck!

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