Question native Anita, a student:

How carry out I turn 1 3/20 come a percent?

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Hi Anita.

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A "percent" is really simply a fraction. Literally, it method "per hundred", and also "per" method division. To transform fractions come percentages then, you simply need to transform the denominator (bottom) of the portion into 100.

In her question, you have a "mixed fraction", so very first you need to transform this come an "improper fraction":


Now you have actually to convert the fraction 23/20 into a percentage. Since the numerator (top part) is bigger than the denominator, you understand it will certainly be an ext than 100%. That"s okay, percentage have the right to be bigger than 100 in numerous situations. For instance I usually need to pay 112% the what I see on a price tag, because an extra 12% is added to the price at the checkout because that sales tax.

Here"s an example of converting a portion to a percentage. This an approach will occupational with any kind of fraction:

Sample problem:Convert 3/5 to a percentage.


Since percentages room really just fractions v the denominator that 100, we have the right to say


So to revolve the denominator native a 5 come a 100, what execute we have to multiply by? fine 5×20=100, so we deserve to multiply the top and also bottom the the portion by 20:


Now we have the answer: 60 %.

You can use this an approach on any kind of fraction, Anita. Try it for 23/20 now.

Hope this helps, Stephen.


Remember, a percent is a portion written over 100. So, what is identical to 3/20 or,

1 3/20 = 23/20= ?/100

(What go you execute to 20 to do it 100? carry out the exact same to 3)

Check this example:

5/50 = 10/100

because ns multiplied 50 by 2(=100), i must additionally multiply 5 by 2(=10).

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Good luck! Melanie

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