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Hello guys,I"m brand-new here, not sure this is right ar to questioning question around tires. If I write-up in not correct section, just ignore me. Spring at brand-new 2017 Mazda cx-5, and there room 2 types of tires( for various trim) 225/65R17 vs 225/55R17.What"s the different in between those 2 sets of tires? I know they have various width, height and also diameter numbers, however what doesn"t it mean to a car?Is 19" better than 17", or make the car higher or faster?Please enlighten me if friend have any type of advice or suggest.Thank you.
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225/65R17 vs 225/55R17the number in the middle is the portion of the first number. And it represent exactly how high your tire sidewalls are. For this reason the 65 will have higher sidewall and also overall bigger diameter.

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