21655.5 vc – steering Solo in Carpool Lane

You’re not alone in receiving a 21655.5 vc ticket, it’s among the most common tickets our customers get.

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Definition the California vehicle Code 21655.5 vc

A person shall no drive a auto described in subdivision (a) of section 5205.5 through a solitary occupant upon a high-occupancy car lane pursuant come this section unless the decal, label, or other identifier authorize pursuant to ar 5205.5 is properly shown on the vehicle, and the automobile registration described in ar 5205.5 is with the vehicle.

Cost the California auto Code 21655.5 vc

In California, the typical fine because that driving solo in the carpool lane is $490. The estimated total court fine because that violation password 21655.5 will vary based upon the additional county and city fees added on come the state fine because that this ticket.

However, the actual cost of violation password 21655.5, steering solo in a carpool lane, have the right to be much greater than just the court enforced fine for the ticket. If you simply pay the traffic ticket, a suggest will be added to your driving record and can continue to be there for 3 more years. Think about it, relying on how plenty of points you have actually on your driving record and also who you use for your auto insurance, the true cost of this one website traffic ticket on her driving record could become $2,700 or much more over 3 years.


You may also want to store in mind the if you have 4 clues on her driving document in on year, or 6 points in 2 years, or 8 point out in 3 years, the DMV will certainly suspend your driver’s license. If this happens, you can bet the will cost you a lot much more in feasible lost wages, court fines, and also other personal expenses as result of the absence of having actually a precious driver’s licenses.

A attempt by written Declaration

A psychological by composed declaration is contesting her ticket in writing instead of going come court. This not only saves friend time yet if ticket is dismissed, there space NO points and also NO fines. Maintaining your driving document spotless.

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