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The chart in the connect from simplewon space the recommended points, I have actually used a floor jack and jack stands, and also it"s a bit of ache to have to do it side by side, and you have to be cautious cause you"re tilting the vehicle as you raise it.I have lifted the behind from a solitary point, put the floor jack under the steel crossmember the the behind differential bolts too. Go up and also down simply fine through no problem. Ns haven"t viewed anything for the front yet the I"ve dared to use to jack increase the front finish of the car at a single point. Although there looks to be one behind the engine, then there"s the difficulty of gaining the floor jack that far ago and utilizing the pump handle.
Agree v Mongo - the rear subframe is an extremely stout and should be for sure to get both behind wheels turn off the ground in ~ the very same time. After now having 4 of these, I execute not check out a means to safely gain both prior wheels off the ground v a single jack allude on the GC. If you have actually stout enough rock rails, girlfriend might be able to jack increase one next from a facility jack point.To carry out one wheel at a time, I"ve jacked from the bottom of the lower regulate arms, getting the jack as much toward the wheel/tire together possible, and haven"t seen any kind of problems. Mine jack has actually a large lift pad and I likewise often use a item of 2x4 since it can compress slightly and conform come the form of the lift point a bit, making a an ext secure lift, IMO.
I"ve jacked the behind from the crossmember directly behind the diff. Be an extremely careful not to catch the saddle ~ above the diff cover. I"ve additionally jacked the front native the central crossmember. There is a part of the plastic splash shield the protrudes under in the center that I ar the jack on. This enables you to place the jack stands at the lift point out on the link above.Obviously exercise too much caution in either ar as a small slip might take the end the diff or oil pan rather easily.
Not to resurrect an old thread, but dropping this here due to the fact that I was additionally needing to obtain 2 tires increase on stands. Just happened to find this pic from Chief showing off your undercarriage components, but likewise shows wherein they have the lifts placed. So, in ~ minimum, if lifting indigenous pinch welds, might place stand in this locations.

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Not come resurrect an old thread, however dropping this here since I was additionally needing to gain 2 tires increase on stands. Simply happened to uncover this pic native Chief reflecting off their undercarriage components, but also shows wherein they have the lifts placed. So, at minimum, if lifting indigenous pinch welds, could place stands in this locations.
I lift from the front and also rear crossmembers, use the beat welds in the front whereby the factory jack would key in and the rear points you have highlighted in her post. Be mindful when utilizing the rear cross member that you"re no up versus the diff cover.

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There are braces, one on each side, for the former cross-member, that ties the bottom come the structure to the rear. It is the black color brace simply forward that the red one in the prior of the front jack points.This brace and also its hardware is the cause of the WK2 Creeking noise, either for water and also corrosion in the bolts or the brace getting bent up and rubbing top top the bushing.So it"s attractive to jack and/or support the automobile on these braces, don"t execute it. I have confirmed, removed the bolts, draining the water and also cleaning them up, plus part anti-seize gets rid that the creeking noise. But, one of my braces is bent increase from a jack stand being put under it, and also sure enough, the one that is bending up, the creeking noise returned in quick order. I ordered a brand-new brace, just haven"t got approximately to instead of it.