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Hi folks, hopefully this is simple one.Opened the hood to inspect fluids this morning and also noticed the the power steering reservoir is no much longer bolted to the behind of the engine the two bolts are now missing.I"ve spent some time Googling to try and determine what bolts ns need, however to no avail.Does anyone recognize what certain bolts come buy, and where from?Thank you.

That would be the grasp cylinder reservoir that you space talking about. Below is the Ford part from Taska Ford Parts yet I"m certain you might find a comparable screw in ~ a parts store or home Depot kind store. Understand Cylinder - materials On Dash Panel because that 2013 Ford escape |
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master cylinder reservoir. Be mindful the liquid doesn"t leak the end while it"s unsecured....There to be a current thread wherein the screws were identified- perhaps try searching?
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