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ECT sensorDoes anyone understand where the is? i spent hrs under the hood and online --- can"t find it anywhere!!!


Yeah, that...K, mine "nirmal" mechanic claims it"s not most likely the sensor anyway. He suggests I just hold off til I acquire the T-state in there. If that doesn"t solve the inspect engine light, the will situate the sensor for me.So I"m placing it all ago together til component comes mid-week. I"ll follow up though...
A small component of me is quiet hoping that cleaning and rebuilding mine t-stat assembly might somehow resolve it... Wishful thinking I know. Well, to the garage!
Back together. Obtained some 50/50... Topped off the coolant. Take it it about the block. No leaks, no examine engine light. I"ll check the coolant level one an ext time after ~ lunch and take it on a test drive. Gotta make certain t-star isn"t stuck shut now...
Back together. Gained some 50/50... Topped turn off the coolant. Took it approximately the block. No leaks, no examine engine light. I"ll examine the coolant level one an ext time ~ lunch and also take the on a test drive. Gotta make sure t-star isn"t grounding shut now...
You supplied OAT coolant right? If you offered anything else choose HOAT, ethylene glycol, etc... You have to do a do the washing up immediately. With several of these new coolants even the "globally compatible" stuff will turn to dirt or corrode the end your water jacket once mixed.
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The very same stuff I use every winter.I had a bunch of wait in the system. The overheated in much less than 2 miles. Limping back home, ns raise the front end up on my ramps, branded together an open device taking the cap off the radiator added more coolant until she was full.Still have no check engine light. She"s to run cool again. I"ll see just how things are going till the brand-new thermostat it s okay here.

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Hi GunnervikeDid you ever find the location of the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT)? I"m having the same trouble through my 2013 3.6L and also could certain use part help. ThanksGerry (Artful Dodger)
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