My parents have an old 2003 Ford emphasis that has actually started to have some automatically gearbox difficulties such as equipment slippage and also reverse gear jerking. It is really no as smooth as it was when they carried it 10 year ago.

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I really didn’t want to take it it to a business department as they to be quoting me stunner prices end the phone favor $2000 because that a rebuild that the auto transmission. I don’t think the vehicle is also worth the much. For this reason I thought I would provide it a go at a rapid DIY organization myself to check out if I might at the very least fix the difficulty myself for minimal cost.

The car had been into the neighborhood dealer’s workshop a few years ago for a 120k full service. Lock had an alleged to have actually replaced the auto transmission fluid and also filter, but I am beginning to question if this had actually been done. So v 170k now on the clock, I decided to adjust the transmission fluid anyway. It is looking dark in color and also smells burnt. It should be red-pink in color.

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1 2003-2012 Ford focus transmission fluid change3 Ford focus automatic gearbox oil change only3.3 how to examine the transmission fluid level

2003-2012 Ford emphasis transmission liquid change

The proper means to replace the oil is come hoist the car up either on automobile jacks or on a garage hoist and remove the auto transmission drainpipe pan. Ford didn’t include a drainpipe plug on this model auto so that will develop a mess once removing the pan.

To minimize the quantity of infection oil that will be left in the pan, you deserve to use a infection oil vacuum pump. This will eliminate the excess liquid out of the dip pole hole.

Once you have sucked out most of the oil you can remove all of the 8mm bolts that are holding ~ above the pan. Use a pry bar to different the pan native the auto infection box. Shot not come insert the pry bar too far into the transmission, as there space solenoids and also electrical wires in there that might be damaged.

Be mindful as the oil have the right to still it is in hot and also will pour out out almost everywhere the place. If girlfriend drop one finish of the infection pan very first you can straight the flow of liquid right into your drip tray.


Most human being don’t think to organization their auto boxes. But as with engine oil, these need to be replaced. The infectious diseases world fashion oil from my parental Ford focus was really brown. It have to be a pretty red color so its old and also has shed much of its lubrication and also shifting capabilities.

How regularly should I change my automatic infection fluid?

Most manufacturers recommend changing your auto transmission fluid every 30,000 come 100,000. Although mine Toyota Highlander manual says no require to readjust the transmission liquid for the life of the automobile unless you are doing 4×4 work. WOW.

Check your organization manual because that the encourage replacement timeframe. If you start to check out a adjust in shade or a scorched smell its ideal to readjust it at her next business interval. Changing it more often won’t cause any type of harm to your vehicle. Just time and included costs.

Symptoms of poor transmission fluid

Your infection is making a grind or squealing noises.Shifting gear problems.Slipping Gears.Surging of the automobile both in forward and reverse direction.Delay in selecting gears and also auto activity of gears.Dark in color and also burnt odor of the infection fluid.

How to examine the transmission fluid level

Drive the automobile 30 kilometres (20 miles) or till it reaches regular operating temperature.Park the vehicle on a level surface and also engage the parking brake.With the parking brake engaged and also your foot ~ above the brake pedal, begin the engine and also move the gearshift bar through every one of the equipment ranges. Allow sufficient time for each gear to engage.Latch the gearshift lever in ns (Park) and leave the engine running.Remove the dipstick, clean everything it clean v a clean, dried lint-free rag. If necessary, describe Identifying components in the engine compartment in this chapter for the place of the dipstick.Install the dipstick making certain it is completely seated in the filler tube.Remove the dipstick and inspect the liquid level. The fluid should it is in in the designated areas for normal operating temperature.Low fluid level

Do not drive the car if the liquid level is at the bottom the the dipstick and also the outside temperatures are above 10°C (50°F).

Correct fluid level

The transmission fluid should be confirm at regular operating temperatures 66°C-77°C (150°F-170°F) on a level surface. The common operating temperature have the right to be got to after about 30 kilometres (20 miles) of driving. The transmission liquid should be in this selection if in ~ the regular operating temperature (66°C-77°C <150°F-170°F>).

High liquid level

Fluid levels over the safe selection may result in transaxle failure. An overfill problem of transmission liquid may cause transition and/or engagement involves and/or possible damage. High fluid levels deserve to be resulted in by an overheating condition.


The ford focus automatic gearbox oil change is yes, really easy. Dropping the pan is the hard component so mean to take about 1 hour from start to finish. If you do it yourself you will save a ton of money from acquisition it come the dealer or your neighborhood workshop.

Always read your owners hands-on for correct oil to use. The Ford emphasis used Mercon V also known as Mercon 5. Don’t use anything else together it can destroy your auto transmission.

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Nows a an excellent time to proceed to examine over all other locations of your auto like engine oil, coolant, battery, and also tire pressures. It will save you becoming a shrub mechanic through no devices down the road as soon as something goes wrong. Take it preventative action now and also your automobile will be good to walk forever.