Ford combination Cigarette Lighter: Re-wire to turn On and also Off v Ignition?September 4, 2013 4:44 pm Subscribe

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I have actually a 2010 Ford combination and a the majority of electrical tools which plug right into the tobacco lighter. The automobile I formerly drove (for end ten years) had a cigarette lighter i beg your pardon turned chin on and off with the ignition. The Fusion, however, leaves the lighter socket on every the time. Since of this, I occasionally forget come unplug points from the tobacco lighter and also end up v a dead battery ~ a job or two v the auto parked.Is there part relatively-easy way for me (or a mechanic) come re-wire the cigarette lighter so the it strength itself on and off through the ignition? If so, how?
*** Pre-emptive answers to concerns you could *** 1) Why don"t you just remember come unplug her stuff? Probably because the car I drove for the previous ten year didn"t require it. Ns have had this vehicle for simply over 3 years and I tho forget come unplug points from time to time, so i need an additional solution. 2) If you"ve operation your battery under this plenty of times, it"s more than likely shot. You need to buy a new one.Yeah, i know. But I don"t want to purchase a new battery simply to operation *it* under repeatedly since of my absence of remembering to unplug stuff. 3) your "stuff" shouldn"t operation your battery under in simply 1-3 days; something is certainly wrong through your battery/car/etc...I have had my battery tested by both the Ford dealer and also independent auto parts stores, and they say nothing is wrong through it. Additionally, once I execute remember to unplug every my accessories, I have the right to leave the automobile parked because that over a week and it starts simply fine afterward.4) What the heck sort of stuff do you leaving plugged in that causes your battery to operation down that quickly??My Garmin gps is enough to make it run down in 2-3 days of being parked. In addition to that, ns sometimes additionally run a mobile charger and also a Globalstar satellite phone native the automobile power. *** end Section *** ns am familiar with and also comfortable working through 12V electronics. I would favor to execute this work myself, yet would probably refer it to a mechanic if it requires comprehensive removal the dashboard/etc components.Thanks in advance for her suggestions!
Sounds favor you may be searching for a shut-off timer: by perpetualstroll at 5:04 pm on September 4, 2013 <1 favorite>
Casual googling suggests that there"s no "stock" means of doing this on the blend (e.q menu setup or seekrit OBDII handshake.) My approach would more than likely be to find a 12V line going come the stereo that is ignition switched (the stereo transforms off as soon as you revolve the car off, right?) and use the to communicate a relay the interrupts one pole that the cigarette lighter. This would be much safer than rewiring the tobacco lighter to straight steal current from the stereotype or another surrounding ignition-switched circuit that might not have actually the spare capacity to fee all your tools without blowing a fuse or worse.I think this would be trivially straightforward for a auto stereo shop come accomplish.posted by contraption at 5:05 afternoon on September 4, 2013 <2 favorites>
It will probably much better to tap right into an 12V accessory wire that loses power once your automobile is off than to try to modify your cigarette lighter. If not, girlfriend may have actually to find a fuse that is accessory hot and run the from her engine compartment.posted by wongcorgi in ~ 5:06 afternoon on September 4, 2013 <2 favorites>
What contraption said. You can pick up any SPST relay for a couple of bucks and also wire it increase yourself.The accessory circuit will drive the move in the relay, and the relay will certainly drive the outlets. Make sure you obtain one that deserve to handle 10-15 amps in ~ least. Pretty much any auto-part store will have them.Alternatively, you might wire a SPST move in there, however finding one that deserve to handle the max attract of the outlet (10 amps, probably, but as high together 15) will certainly be harder 보다 finding an tantamount relay.posted through Pogo_Fuzzybutt in ~ 5:55 pm on September 4, 2013 <2 favorites>
Yeah, the exact solution would certainly be to placed a relay in the cigarette lighter wire. Right now it more than likely runs more-or-less straight to the battery, so that it have the right to supply a lot of present if you had actually an really resistive cigarette lighter in over there (which virtually nobody actually does anymore).However, the less DIY equipment would be to obtain something like a "PriorityStart" or other "battery protector". Usually they are little bolt-on accessories that go top top the battery and will shut off existing if castle detect the battery gaining low. You frequently have to pop the hood to reset them, however they keep you from running the battery under low enough that girlfriend can"t begin the car. Lock are an extremely easy to download and an outcome in no permanent adjustments to the vehicle.posted by Kadin2048 at 6:16 afternoon on September 4, 2013 <1 favorite>
There also may it is in a preventive switched fuse just in the fuse box. I seem to remember those existing on some cars. For this reason you"d just discover the wire that goes from the accessory/lighter socket, eliminate it native the lug the it is currently attached to, affix it come an empty one and insert a fuse. Or simply install a brand-new switched socket, leaving the initial ones as equipped native the factory. (According to the owner"s manual, there are several spare fuse areas, so one of them have to work.)I wouldn"t mess through relays uneven you had to. Just another thing to fail.gimpppa.orging an additional question: walk your car have multiple accessory/cigarette lighter sockets? I also seem come remember that more recent cars would certainly have an ext than one, and also different ones would certainly run off of various sources. (Never mind, I just checked the manual and also it doesn"t appear that there is one.)Another option: does your stuff have a sleep mode? I deserve to understand the general practitioners unit running under the battery ~ a number of days, however the phones shouldn"t run it down. For this reason if you can set the general practitioners to close up door itself off after 4 hours or something, that need to work too.posted by gjc in ~ 8:01 pm on September 4, 2013 <1 favorite>
Pretty lot what gjc is arguing - I uncovered a spare location in the fuse crate for something that just comes on with the ignition (heated seats or something no fitted) and also used a reduced down spade connector shoved into where the fuse would certainly go (with an inline fuse (quite important)) to a replacement lighter socket. Because that 0v you simply need to make a great connection v metalwork. It"s not super slick yet it"s removable in seconds.This all depends if you have the right to get quickly from the fusebox come somewhere convenient for your electronics of course.posted through samj at 11:22 pm on September 4, 2013
Would girlfriend be willing to salary $25 because that a cable the instead offers power native the OBD-II port? The OBD-II port is constantly on, however I understand that a one-of-a-kind cable is in the process of being developed that would just output power to your gadgets when the engine is ~ above (it does that by using certain data native the OBD-II harbor to recognize the operating status of the vehicle). Something comparable could it is in done v the cigarette lighter plug by measure up the voltage (a fall in voltage would be a proxy for "engine off") however it would most likely be less accurate.posted by Dansaman in ~ 10:38 to be on September 5, 2013
What contraption stated is what I would certainly do. Not that hard, really.posted through Doohickie in ~ 11:04 to be on September 5, 2013
Response by poster: another option: does your stuff have actually a sleep mode? I have the right to understand the general practitioners unit running under the battery after ~ a variety of days, however the phones shouldn"t run it down. Therefore if friend can collection the general practitioners to shut itself off after 4 hrs or something, that need to work too.I"m afraid neither the gps nor the satellite phone have actually auto-off options.posted by Juffo-Wup at 5:10 afternoon on November 6, 2013
Response by poster: gimpppa.orging an additional question: go your car have many accessory/cigarette lighter sockets? I likewise seem come remember that more recent cars would certainly have much more than one, and different ones would certainly run off of different sources.It does, but they room all always-on; none of the strength points room ignition-switched.posted through Juffo-Wup at 5:11 afternoon on November 6, 2013
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