One that the most inconvenient vehicular troubles is once the A/C won’t blow cold air. If your Chevy Malibu isn’t maintaining you cool, we’ve outlined few of the most typical reasons why this can be happening.

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The just thing the the air air conditioning system has actually in usual with the heater is that they both use the climate controls and also the blower motor. It is entirely possible for your Malibu’s heater to work simply fine also when the wait conditioner is no blowing cold at all. That’s why troubleshooting the wait conditioner is entirely different than troubleshooting the heater.

Chevy Malibu waiting Conditioning not Blowing Cold Causes


Lack the Refrigerant– your Malibu’s waiting conditioner will not work-related if the refrigerant has actually disappeared as result of a leak. In fact, most won’t even cycle on without the ideal amount that refrigerant pressure. This is far and also away the most typical reason the your Malibu’s air conditioner is not functioning. It have the right to be tempting to simply get more coolant and get back on the road, yet unless you uncover where the leak is coming from it’ll ultimately happen again. Bad Condenser– If her condenser has taken damages or been clogged up, the coolant can’t transform the Clutch cycle Switch– A/C equipment use one electromagnetic clutch to activate the compressor. When this switch stops working your air conditioning is dead in the water. Blower Motor– If there is no waiting blowing from her Malibu at all, the blower engine is at fault. They space not that expensive and also are easy to change (most that the time). Blend Door– The mix door controls just how much waiting conditioned and heated waiting enters the cabin. If it gets jammed or locks up, your Malibu can’t answers to her temperature change request.

These room a few of the most typical issues that could cause your Malibu to not blow cold enough. There are other problems that can cause this as well.

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Conclusion: A/C no Blowing Cold Chevy Malibu

Most of the time, once your Malibu’s waiting isn’t blowing cold enough, that is walking to be a absence of refrigerant causing the problem. We recommend having a experienced recharge your A/C if that does come to be a coolant issue. If you placed too lot coolant right into the system, you have the right to really perform some damage.

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