Like her skin, rubber dries and cracks v time-it"s a fact of life. An unified with intense engine heat, also the toughest belts have the right to fail, for this reason don"t wait too lengthy to check your truck"s serpentine journey belt.

This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT900 (2007-2013).

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The engine"s serpentine belt is a belt the runs off the crankshaft pulley and also powers the engine"s accessories, consisting of the power steering, wait conditioning, water pump, and also alternator. As soon as the belt fails, those accessories go by a wayside.

This is just one of those precautionary maintenance operations that you"ve constantly dreaded. However in reality, the ease of removal and also replacement that a serpentine belt on her Silverado is easier than an altering an old power steering belt on a "68 Pontiac. Honest!


Step 1 – open the hood and also locate the stress pulley

Release the hood and inspect the serpentine belt. If it requirements replacement, then situate the tension pulley. The tension pulley-block is located on the left next of the engine, it has actually a 16mm bolt in ~ the center of it.

Figure 1. The tension sheave is spring loaded, and is situated on the left (facing the engine).
Pro TipsChecking in with company advisers and also fellow Chevy van owners, most agree that you need to replace the belt before 120,000 miles, also if the belt look at okay.Using a 1/2" ratchet or 1/2" breaker bar v a 16mm socket will offer you extra leverage power once you pull to be safe the belt tension.

Step 2 – remove the old belt

Remove the belt by pushing downward on the ratchet handle. Then, on slide the belt native the alternator.

Figure 2. The spring invited tensioner will certainly release the belt easily!

While the belt is off, inspect all of the pulleys. Examine to ensure that they space noise-free and spin easily. If girlfriend see any type of pulleys binding, they need to be replaced.

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Step 3 – install the new serpentine belt

Hold the belt on the alternator v your appropriate hand while snaking the belt approximately the crank, water pump, and idler pulley. Then, pull down on the tensioner sheave with your ratchet and slide the belt end it.