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Trying to find location the coolant temp sensor (ECT) on my daughter in law"s 2010 2.4L Equinox. As soon as you an initial start the auto it is acquiring the AC off engine temp come high top top the display. Which I know is bogus as the auto just began up. It is cram pending code P0128 which leader to the coolant temp gift to low. Pan constantly running when driving and also for about 5-10 minutes after you stop. Coolant temp indicator never ever moves. Indigenous what I"ve check out it normally points to the thermostat gift stuck open. I"d also like to inspect out the sensor but for the life that me i can"t it seems to be ~ to find it. Any help and info you could carry out would be significantly appreciated.ThanksScott
It is located on the exhaust manifold side of the engine in the block next to the coolant flange, just over the bell real estate for the transmission.

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