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I need to adjust my engine coolant temperature sensor because my check engine irradiate is on and also is throwing password P0117-ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE SENSOR LOW, however I can not seem to find it. Has actually anyone readjusted one before and knows wherein it is located, i"m pretty sure it"s somewhere near the alternator?Dodge lamb 1500, 5.9.

Its behind the alternator ~ above the intake manifold down next to where the thermostat housing is (if spring at your engine from the front). But, depending on the year of her truck, girlfriend may have actually one or two. -On some "98, some "97, and also all "96 and older, there must two (one is a sensor, one is a sending out unit). One is for the PCM (the ECT sensor) and also the various other one is for the temp gauge and warning light (a sending unit). The one to the left of the thermostat housing is for the sending unit, and the port simply behind and to the right of the t-stat real estate is for the ECT. -On some "97, some "98 and also all "99 and newer trucks, there is simply one that does both jobs (sensor and sender) and also it have to be come the left the the t-stat housing.
I make the efforts to gain a picture as best as ns could however is the the sensor appropriate under the hose I"m holding up best behind the alternator?

Yes, that must be it. There can be one more one on the various other side of your t-stat real estate too, simply depends together I described above.

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