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You did no list the engine size so ns attached a picture of both the 1.5 and also the 2.0.The move is out in the open and is accessed indigenous the bottom the the automobile looking up.Roy




obtained this from Alldata. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us understand if you need anything else to acquire the difficulty fixed. The Medic

I have actually an AC-Delco replacement yet cannot where it is at. Had actually DTC P06DE. Oil level is fine and engine operation quietly and has no lose of power.
The oil push sensor is items #2 tucked behind the input on the behind of the engine. Examine out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you need anything else to acquire the trouble fixed.
i look under the engine and I'm having an obstacle on the location. Ns asked mine buddy where can the location be at. Right over the oil drag plug i looked up ahead and also it was close come the manifold is a chop spot. Yet if you can help I considerably appreciate it.
Hello, ns have had the information that you requested in the diagrams under below. That is located right in back of the oil filter. Please, if girlfriend have any kind of other car related questions, feel free to ask.Thanks,
Hello, i have had a diagram of her vehicle's engine and all of the switches and sensors ~ above it. The Oil press Switch(OPS) is number 11 ~ above the diagram. Please get earlier to us v how everything turns out.Thanks,
I have actually a leak that is comes from over the oil filter housing. I changed the oil push switch, yet that did not help.I am thinking about changing the oil filter. Ns am not certain that would certainly help. Just going about the least expensiveway. The leak seems to be comes from the engine over the filter. Might this it is in valve covering gaskets.My engine is v6 3.6lneed help
Make sure it is no leaking native there. It is common when installing that you can break the plastic optimal on installation/Roy
I should replace my oil push sensor and also I can't uncover a diagram of the location. I am pretty sure I view it however want to be sure. Mine car listed above is the LT model.
an excellent afternoon, The sensor is over the oil filter. I attached two photos for you come view.RoyRemoval ProcedureimageOpen In new TabZoom/Print 1. Eliminate the starter. Describe Starter motor Replacement (LZ4) Starter motor Replacement (LAT) Starter engine Replacement (LY7). 2. Disconnect the engine wiring harness electric connector (2) from the oil press sensor.ImageOpen In brand-new TabZoom/Print 3. Remove the engine oil press sensor.
The sensor the I need to replace is contempt below and to the left the the oil filter. I'm gift told the is the oil pressure sensor however I need confirmation.
do you have a brand-new sensor? If girlfriend do, eliminate the connector from the sensor in the photo and make sure it fits on the new sensor. That will certainly confirm it.Roy
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