Just favor your engine oil, the ATF in her transmission demands to be changed at fairly regular intervals. This post explains just how to change the fluid yourself.

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This article uses to the Acura MDX (2001-present).

Changing your engine oil is typical sense once it comes to car maintenance, yet a contempt less known job happens simply a pair feet far from the engine"s drainpipe plug. While most everyone knows to adjust their engine oil or to have it changed, fairly a couple of people forget around their infection fluid. In an automatically transmission, the fluid gets older and spends time coming to be less reliable until a readjust is needed. If the ATF adjust isn"t done regularly, the transmission deserve to act up and ultimately fail, causing a substantial headache because that both the driver and their wallet. In this write-up we will certainly go over the an easy steps of how to do an ATF change on your Acura MDX.


Materials NeededJack and jack standsOil catch pan4 quarts ATF DW-117mm socket and also extension3/8 ratchetLong funnel

Your transmission liquid will must be adjusted around 35,000 miles, or as soon as every two years. Acura"s business interval is much larger but these transmissions tend to be fussy once it comes to fluid changes. Lengthy intervals between drains deserve to lead to premature failure. When this project is easy, it"s still incredibly important, and you will want to treat the the very same as friend would execute with engine oil changes.

Step 1 – Jack up the car and also remove the drain bolt

Just favor with a conventional oil change, the an initial step of this project is come jack the automobile up and remove the drainpipe bolt. That isn"t crucial to background both the former and back of the car, since everything you will must work through is located on the front fifty percent of the car. When the vehicle is securely lifted turn off the ground, to crawl under the car and also locate the drainpipe bolt ~ above the side of your transmission. Placed your oil record pan under neath and also use the 3/8 ratchet to remove this bolt; allow the transmission drain.

Figure 1. The ar of the drain bolt on your MDX.

Step 2 – Locate and also remove the filler bolt

Once you have actually drained the fluid from your transmission and also replaced the drainpipe bolt, it is time to refill her transmission. Locate the fill bolt on your transmission and remove it making use of the 17mm bolt. Girlfriend will require an extension to with the bolt.

Figure 2. The filler bolt on her transmission.

Step 3 – Refill her transmission

Use the funnel to pour the ATF into the transmission fill location. This will certainly use most of your four quarts. As soon as you have finished pour it until it is full the transmission, you"re done.

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Figure 3. Honda ATF that you might be using.

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