The Toyota Tundra has a "Maintenance Required" oil change indicator irradiate that will certainly illuminate every 5,000 miles. This maintenance indicator irradiate is not emergent, yet rather a simple reminder that it"s probably time for an oil change at your nearest Toyota company Center. This maintain light will immediately display on her odometer instrument cluster as soon as you"ve moved 5,000 miles due to the fact that the critical time it was reset. Every second-generation Toyota Tundra pickup trucks have actually this irradiate – so even if it is you have actually a brand-new or supplied Toyota Tundra, friend will likely see this light go on at part point.

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Maintenance irradiate Reset

You will certainly be forced to reset this indicator light as soon as the oil has been changed, nevertheless of whether you service your Tundra at your local dealership or readjust the oil yourself. The dealership will know how to execute the maintenance compelled light reset for you, and they generally do therefore without gift asked. However, if castle forget come reset the light, you deserve to ask them and also they shouldn"t have any type of trouble resetting it because that you.

If you"re mechanically inclined and choose to readjust the oil yourself, friend will have to go through the Tundra maintenance reset procedure. This procedure will turn the maintenance light off and also will restart the 5,000-mile countdown till the light turns on again. Resetting your Tundra oil indicator irradiate is a simple procedure and doesn"t require any kind of tools or supplies. However, before beginning any vehicle maintenance, it"s constantly a an excellent idea to check your Toyota Tundra owner"s manual for pertinent information.

Here is exactly how to reset the oil change indicator irradiate on your Toyota Tundra.

2018 design Tundra maintenance Light Reset

On the multi-information display, select “Vehicle Settings.”Select “Maintenance Reset.”Select and press “YES.”

2007-2017 Models Tundra maintain Light Reset

Turn the ignition come the “On” position, yet do not start the engine. If you have actually a push-button model, perform not press the brake pedal and also press “Start.”Switch the screen to “Trip A“ by pressing the display readjust button or “Trip” button.Turn the car all the method off.Press and also hold the “Trip” button.Continue to organize the “Trip” button, and also without starting the engine, switch the ignition come “On.”When the trip meter is set to all zeros, release the “Trip” button.

2000-2006 Models Tundra maintain Light Reset

Image via Flickrby harleyheroDo not begin the engine, but turn the ignition to the “On” position. If you have a push-button model, do not touch the brake pedal, and press “Start.”Switch the display to the odometer mileage analysis by pushing the “Trip” button.Turn the auto all the way off.Press and also hold the “Trip” button.Continue to hold the “Trip” button, and without beginning the engine, switch the ignition to “On.”When the trip meter is set to every zeros, release the “Trip” button.


Once friend have adhered to the actions for the Toyota Tundra forced maintenance irradiate reset, the "Maintenance Required" oil change indicator light should be turn off. If the irradiate is not effectively reset, right here are a few things you deserve to try:

Double-check the your digital odometer is collection with the odometer analysis showing and shot following the procedure again.If this does no work and the light is still on, you may consider disconnecting the battery from your Tundra. When you disconnect the battery because that a couple of minutes, then reconnect it, the internal computer will be compelled to reset.

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