I lastly had a chance to take it my brand-new ’07 KTM 250 XCF-W for its inaugural drive this week. I picked up the bike last month in mountain Francisco, but it has taken a when to obtain the spark arrestor and also silencer installed. Plus, I’m having such a love-fest through my KTM 400 EXC (with the lower suspension indigenous NOST) that ns wasn’t precisely enthused about the opportunity of having to abandon my tried-and-true friend. Still, the hype around the 250 has actually been extensive, through rave reviews; and one fellow rider who was an avid devotee the the 400 EXC, and also now one owner and die-hard pan of the 250 XCF-W, declared that the 250 to be his “dream bike”--flickability with all of the "punch" of a much bigger engine. My new bike had a major reputation come live up to. The very first stop to be Hollister top top Wednesday with my girlfriend Chris. The bike had severe difficulties warming increase initially, which caused me some frustration and also concern over whether something to be “wrong” with the bike. After the initial hurdle, however, we hit the trails. I am offered to the stable power of my 400, however I knew that there to be going come be distinctions with the 250—and there were. The accelerator on the 250 is definitely an ext twitchy, with a “take off” point that place a huge grin ~ above my confront each time—partly from surprise (as ns still getting used to it) and also partly native the sheer pleasure of feeling that much of a power surge. ~ my first hill climb, i was start to view why the bike has been praised for this reason highly. The bicycle was absolutely lighter 보다 the 400, and it seemed to skip effortlessly up the hill.

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That course, the bicycle is an ext “finicky”, requiring greater revs and also thus a much faster speed; however the easy of the bike provides it seem simpler to climb faster.I additionally learned that ns can’t lug the bike up a brief embankment or v a chop corner—if the rate is too slow, and also the clutch isn’t feathered, the bike will stall quicker than you have the right to say “Oops!” I additionally tested the bike v a ar of Troll Trail—yes, it certainly felt lighter and also easier come maneuver with the chop sections. My speed on Troll was much faster than that had ever been (which might not be saying much


We followed cow paths and also then reduced our very own trails over the hills, up into the brush.I stopped right here to take a photo of the bushes us squeezed through.