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My turn and hazard lights carry out not work. I have the right to not find my flsher relay. Does that exist? If not, what have to I do?

Welcome to this ForumZi don"t have a 2008 so i can"t help you, several members do have them, hopefully part one will understand the answer
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There is no "flasher" every se. The rotate signal and also hazard lighting controls encompass the TIPM (Totally combined Power Module) and EMIC. The EMIC (a module) monitors signal from the mult-function switch and the peril warning switch and also sends signal to the TIPM which modulates pulses to the forced circuit. The TIPM additionally mimics the sound that a typical flasher.But execute ya think they show you whereby these space in the business Manual??? I"ll it is in damned if ns can discover them.

In the 2008 Ram, the rotate signal/hazard function(s) are an unified on 2 wires native the multifunction move to the instrument Cluster. The instrument cluster is in reality a computer system itself, and it sends data come the TIPM, informing it perform switch lights on or off. As MADDOG pointed out, there is NO flasher.The wires in inquiry are the White/Yellow and the White/Orange. Examine to make sure the connector on the multifunction switch is sit properly. If that is, and you don"t see and also visible wire damage, friend may have to invest in a multifunction switch. Testing the wiring through a voltmeter on this wires is pretty much useless, together they don"t "open/close" yet rather, change resistance value depending on what function you have asked for.BTW - The dealer will certainly likely have the multifunction move in stock. They room a common allude of failure.

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