One question we get asked often is: "Where Is Oxygen bank 1 Sensor 2 located?" Bank 1 Sensor 2 is the second sensor top top the exhaust pipe, located downstream behind the catalytic converter.

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Finding financial institution 1 sensor 2 can be confusing. To aid you identify bank 1 sensor 2 on practically any vehicle, us share images of various makes and models and also answer several of the most usual questions.

A negative Bank 1 Sensor 2 oxygen sensor (O2) will create the check engine light and also be replaced to happen the smog/emission test in many states. 

What does financial institution 1 sensor 2 mean? 

Bank 1, Sensor 2 is the downstream oxygen sensor situated in the exhaust behind the catalytic converter. The engine financial institution that contains cylinder 1 is called financial institution 1.

V6 and V8 engines have two banks and two catalytic converters, one for each bank. In such cases, the financial institution that contains cylinder number one is referred to as "Bank 1."

Where is financial institution 1 sensor 2 located? 

Bank 1 Sensor 2 refers to the oxygen sensor the is mounted after the catalytic converter. You will need to accessibility and replace the bank 1 sensor 2 oxygen sensor native under the auto in most cars.

Do not confuse financial institution 1 sensor 2 with financial institution 1 sensor 1, i beg your pardon you have the right to see once you open up the hood. 

View from the height of the engine. This is a pre-cat O2 sensor or bank 1 Sensor 1. It need to not be confused with bank 1 Sensor 2. 

You check out the oxygen sensor native the top of the engine and is mounted before the catalytic converter is financial institution 1 sensor 1. 

How numerous O2 sensors room there?

After recognize out around the bank numbers, it is time to analysis the oxygen sensors on the exhaust side. Most four-cylinder modern engines use a setup with two sensors, which rises efficiency and also helps lock comply v emission standards.

Oxygen Sensor bank 1 Sensor 1

The first one is located in between the engine and catalytic converter, and also we call it sensor 1 or an upstream sensor. It actions raw exhaust fumes" composition, and the ECU uses this data to readjust the air-fuel mixture.

A potential fail of this sensor will impact engine operation and also overall performance.


The 2nd sensor is mounted behind the catalytic converter, and we contact it sensor 2 or a downstream sensor.

Just choose its upstream counterpart, it procedures the ingredient of exhaust gases. The major difference is that data the helps ECU recognize if the catalytic converter is functioning properly. In theory, there should be no noticeable affect on engine performance if this sensor fails.

However, most modern engines incorporate a certain testing interval throughout which lock run wealthy or skinny for a quick time. This procedure assesses the problem of both oxygen sensors and also catalytic converters by surveillance their reactions.

False or implausible readings comes from any type of of the sensors may reason rough to run or hesitation as soon as speeding up. 

Is bank 1 Sensor 2 upstream or downstream?


Bank 1 sensor 2 is situated downstream, usually ideal behind the catalytic converter. 

Regardless of the bank, all oxygen sensors usage the exact same naming pattern. One that is in between the engine and also the catalytic converter is upstream or sensor 1. The O2 sensor, i beg your pardon is installed after the catalytic converter, is dubbed downstream or sensor 2.

Where is the bank 1 Sensor 2 ~ above a V6 or V8 engine? 


On vehicles with two catalytic converters, sensor 1 bank 2 oxygen sensor is typically located on the passenger side, post-cat. If cylinder 1 is on the driver"s side, financial institution 1 sensor 2 will certainly be ~ above the driver"s side. Again, after ~ the catalytic converter. 

What is the difference in between O2 bank 1 Sensor 2 and Bank 2 Sensor 2?


The only difference in between these two sensors is your location. They space both behind the catalytic converter, but each top top their own side of the engine and exhaust.

 What space the symptoms of poor Bank 1 Sensor 2? 


The most typical sign the a poor Bank 1 Sensor 2 is the examine engine light coming on. You must read the error codes with an OBD2 scanner. Typical fault codes the come increase are: 

P0036HO2S Heater manage Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0037HO2S Heater control Circuit low (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0038HO2S Heater regulate Circuit High (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0041O2 Sensor signals Swapped financial institution 1 Sensor 2/ bank 2 Sensor 2
P0054HO2S Heater Resistance (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0136O2 Sensor Circuit failure (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0137O2 Sensor Circuit short Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0138O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0139O2 Sensor Circuit Slow response (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0140O2 Sensor Circuit No task Detected (Bank 1 Sensor 2)
P0141O2 Sensor Heater Circuit malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

What is bank 1 Sensor 2 voltage?

All oxygen sensors operate on the very same principle. Depending upon the running condition, the voltage will variety from 0.1 to 1 volt.

Being behind the catalytic converter, sensor 2 should offer steadier readings. ~ above idle or when cruising in ~ a consistent speed, this need to be about 0.45 volts.

Is it difficult to change Bank 1 Sensor 2? 

No, replacing financial institution 1 sensor 2 is not an overwhelming if you have actually the ideal tools. You will need a vehicle jack, jack stands, oxygen sensor socket, and also penetrating oil as O2 sensors tend to rust. 

What does financial institution 1 Sensor 2 no task mean?

If over there is no voltage coming from the downstream oxygen sensor, the ECU will certainly assume over there is an issue. The exact same will happen if the sensor fails to react during the affluent or lean testing period. That will create a examine engine light in both cases, and there will certainly be a corresponding stored code.

Is financial institution 1 Sensor 2 before or after the catalytic converter?

Every sensor 2, or downstream sensor together many contact it, is constantly after the catalytic converter.

Where perform I find financial institution 1 Sensor 2 fuse location?

In many cars, this fuse is inside the relay box within the engine bay area.

What is one engine bank?


Look under the hood of most cars today, and also you will discover that many engines come in two different configurations.

In-line engines have all cylinders in a row, v one cylinder head and intake and also exhaust components. Back the variety of pistons deserve to vary from 4 come 12, four-cylinder units are the most common.

The upside that this construction is simplicity, thanks to fewer parts and fewer potential fail points. However, an ext powerful dare usually have actually an engine that uses a V-shaped configuration, v the variety of cylinders varying from 6 to 12.

These have actually two cylinder heads, one on each side the the engine, with separate intakes and also exhausts. If this provides them an ext compact, the included complexity have the right to make maintenance more challenging and expensive.

All vehicle manufacturers describe engine sides together banks, providing each one of them a equivalent number. The instance is quite straightforward with most in-line variants, together the totality engine is one bank. Discovering the right designation is much much more important when managing engines in a V-configuration.

Here, one next of the engine is a bank 1, while the various other is bank 2. Although many manufacturers use comparable logic as soon as naming the financial institutions in their engines, over there is no global rule. To avoid mistakes and also unnecessary repairs, make certain you have the correct details for her car.

Service manuals, authorized dealers, or reputable internet pages are some options. Friend can additionally look for noting on the valve covers or ignition cables to recognize the cylinder pattern. The cylinder labeled as number 1 will always be on financial institution 1, while bank 2 will host cylinder number 2.

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Why do oxygen sensors fail?


Before getting to potential fail points, we must an initial make a short explanation about how one oxygen sensor works. Despite their different positions and tasks, all oxygen sensors operate on a similar and straightforward principle. The core of each sensor is a probe that has actually a distinct sensing aspect inside it.

As the exhaust gasses happen by it, the difference in oxygen levels between it and outside air create a particular voltage. This values range from close to zero to practically 1 volt, relying on the control conditions. Through both engine and catalytic converter warmed as much as running temperatures, downstream sensors should show values approximately 0,45 volts.

You can examine these values with a diagnostic tool with a live data function or a multimeter. Most contemporary oxygen sensors have actually a heating facet inside them, i m sorry helps accomplish running conditions faster.

One the the many common causes of oxygen sensor fail is dirt and soot build-up on the probe itself. These deposits have the right to prevent the flow through the probe and also cause not correct readings.

Cleaning them off v a special solution is a stop-gap measure, and also replacing the sensor is the just reliable solution. It is also feasible for the heater to burn out and also cause a equivalent fuse to punch out. Other possible issues include things normal for every sensors, ranging from damaged wiring to corroded or loose connectors.

Checking your condition before blaming the sensor itself is a action that may prevent undesirable expenses and also future problems.


Let’s shot to summarize every this in a few short words. All in-line engines have only one bank, back there are some exceptions once it concerns exhaust. V-shaped engines have two banks, and also one through cylinder 1 is what we describe as bank 1.

The other one stop the 2nd cylinder, and we refer to it as bank 2. Every financial institution has one exhaust v two oxygen sensors.

The first one is between the engine and also catalytic converter, and also we speak to it upstream or sensor 1. The O2 sensor behind the catalytic converter is what we contact a downstream, post-cat, or sensor 2.