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I"m trying to discover the location of my bank 1 sensor 2, on my 09 chevy impala ltz (3.9 engine )... And i deserve to not uncover it, I have looked all over google and also having no luck.. Might anyone call me whereby it is? likewise I have heard from civilization telling it its a upstream and i had others informing me its a downstream sensor, so basically I"m in ~ a loss and confused.
Bank one is the left next of the engine - because your engine is a transverse mount, it would certainly be the front next of the engine dealing with the radiator. Sensor two is the downstream sensor (sensor one is the upstream sensor).
Do you know where they space at? and they guy at napa said its before the cat so because of this its upstream?
Do you recognize where they room at? and they male at napa said its before the cat so therefore its upstream?
I offered to very own a 2008 & 2011 Impala LTZ with the 3.9 engine - yet no longer have the cars. I have the right to not look for the sensors any kind of longer.

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Bank#1 is the bank that homes #1 cylinder. Sensor#2 is the downstream post-cat o2 sensor. Find the bank#1 catalytic converter. Sensor #2 will be after/behind the cat.
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