Looks prefer they introduce removing the cylinder head to replace them however I have replaced lock without. That is actually situated under the intake manifold, but shows up to it is in trapped till the head is removed, but like I claimed you deserve to do it there is no removing the heads. View the attachments below for indict on replacement.




So ns am throwing a code for my knock sensor I established that the punch sensor is or should be located underneath my intake manifold. I simply need to know which next of the engine? The battery next which is the left and also driver side or the alternator side.

There space two knock sensors which friend will view in picture. This is a 4.0L no a 3.0L execute not over torque these as it can damage them. 15 ft lb or 20NM.
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examine this article I think it have to be the exact same as your"s, I will certainly re examine Mitchell 1 for your exact year and also advise if different, i won"t have the ability to do that for a few hrs though.Mark (mhpautos)P.S Raz has actually posted what i was going to add, so inspect yours against the pic.
Engine Mechanical trouble 6 cyl 2 Wheel journey Automatic 213000 milesI require to understand the ar of the punch sensor on a 4runner 3.4L sr5 2wdThis site rocks BTW
Hello, The punch sensor is situated under the entry manifold. Below are part diagrams (below) add to a guide that will offer you one idea ~ above what you space in for when removing the entry to replace the hit sensor. Https://www.gimpppa.org/articles/replace-intake-manifold-gasketPlease allow us understand if you need anything else to obtain the difficulty fixed.Cheers, Ken
Is there A way To recognize Which hit Sensors I have actually In mine 97 4runner Sr5 V6 4wd? seems They offered 2 different Ones and also In stimulate To readjust Them...
2004 Toyota 4runner 6 Cyl i Recently assisted A Friend with An Oil Change. Because The Oil readjust The automobile Has to be Hesitating....

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Whers Is The location Of The Fuel Pump Wiring Harness. I"m Trying to Depressurize The Fuel system To adjust The Filter
High Idle Of around 1000 Rpms v A.C. On quit At Red irradiate In Gear, around 1500 Rpms when You place In Park. No check Engine, No Stored...