The headlight and also turn signal switches have the right to sometimes it is in dislodged, or the electrical contacts can be corroded. Keep analysis to learn just how to deal with them.

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This article applies to the Toyota Camry (2007-2011).

There room a couple of issues that can happen with your headlight switch. Sometimes, the can gain dislodged within the steering wheel column and also will it is in too loose to adjust the headlights. There are also cases whereby the electrical contacts inside will end up being corroded and need to it is in cleaned. Even if it is you"re planning to clean those contact or change the switch entirely, you"re walking to should get access to it. The instructions below will detail this process.


Materials NeededReplacement headlight switchElectrical call cleaning sprayPhillips screwdriverTorx screwdriverPry device or flathead screwdriver

Step 1 – Disconnect the automobile battery and air bag connectors

Start by disconnecting the negative terminal on your battery. Then pull back the driver"s seat and tilt up the steering wheel as much as possible. Pry turn off the 2 silver panels ~ above either side of the facility air bag panel on the steering wheel. There must be 2 Torx screws ~ above the inside of both panels. By removing these, the air bag assembly must come loose. Carefully pull that out and also disconnect the two electric connectors on the back.

Figure 1. Place of two Torx screws.
Figure 2. Number 1 and also 2 suggest to the two electric connectors.

Step 2 – Disconnect the steering wheel assembly

Once the wait bag is safely the end of the way, you have to see that it"s held to the steering obelisk by a 19 mm nut. Ease the nut, yet do not eliminate it entirely. As soon as you pull the steering wheel off the steering column, it"s going come pop turn off violently. Without the seed to protect against it you can get injured. Now grab the steering wheel with your hand at both ends and also start to wriggle the steering wheel assembly. It will take part effort, but eventually it must pop loose. Walk ahead and also remove the nut and the steering wheel assembly native the steering column.

Step 3 – eliminate the steering pillar panel

There will be 2 Phillips screws holding down the two halves of the steering obelisk panel. Eliminate these screws then pull up the tabs ~ above either half of the paneling. Pull turn off the clip in ~ the optimal of the steering column, then pry off the two halves that the panel.

Step 4 – change the headlight switch

Simply remove the screws and undo the clip stop the headlight switch climate unplug the electrical connector. The switch should simply slide out from the steering column. If you want to clean the contact on the switch, there is a clear plastic sheathe on the back that deserve to be unclipped to accessibility the electric contacts.

Figure 3. New headlight switch.

To download the headlight switch, do the reverse of the previous steps:

Install headlight switch to steering column. Plug in electrical connector, tighten under screws, and reinsert locking clip.Reattach steering pillar panels by reattaching the optimal clip, pulling down the tabs, and tightening down the 2 screws.Reattach steering wheel assembly and also tighten down facility nut.Reconnect the wait bag come the electrical connectors and also tighten down the 2 screws on either side.Reattach the side panels on the steering wheel assembly.

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Start the car and test come make certain that her headlight move is working properly. If this go not deal with your problem, climate you must take it come a dealership to have actually it diagnosed.