Changing her engine oil in her Pontiac vehicle is do-it-yourself maintenance that have the right to save you the cost of acquisition your auto to a mechanic. Transforming the oil in the Pontiac auto van is similar to an altering the oil in any type of other petrol engine, request a couple of tools and straightforward mechanical knowledge. Fortunately the Pontiac auto employs one oil life mechanism meter on the instrument swarm that informs you as soon as to adjust the oil.

Under The Hood:

How to adjust the Oil in a 2005 Pontiac Montana

Drive the Pontiac Montana for approximately five to 10 minutes to warm up the engine oil. This renders the oil less viscous, make it easier to drain.

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Park the Montana ~ above a flat, also surface and shut the engine off. Interact the emergency brake.

Place a hydraulic jack beneath the former jack point. Elevator the former of the van and also place jack stands on the front side jack points, located behind the front wheels.

Put top top Nitrile gloves and also safety glasses. Gloves reduce mess and also safety glasses protect your eyes in case any oil splashes in your face.

Slide beneath the Montana and locate the oil drainpipe plug ~ above the bottom the the engine oil pan. Place an oil drain receptacle in ~ the drainpipe plug.

Remove the oil drainpipe plug through a 12mm wrench. For sure the oil is draining into the oil drain receptacle. Open up the hood and also unscrew the oil fill cap on the optimal of the engine; this helps the oil drain easier. Enable the engine oil to totally drain the end of the vehicle; this commonly takes 30 minutes to one hour.

Locate the oil filter in ~ the Montana. Position the oil drainpipe receptacle in ~ the old oil filter.

Turn the oil filter counterclockwise to eliminate it. Usage an oil filter removal tool if friend are having actually trouble remove the filter. Turn the oil filter upside under and allow the oil in the filter to drain out into the oil drain receptacle. Enclose the old filter in a plastic bag and also throw that away.

Dip her finger in the brand-new engine oil and also rub it follow me the rubber seal top top the new oil filter. This conditions the seal to aid prevent leakage.

Clean the oil filter mating surface ar with a rag or shop towel.

Insert the new oil filter on the oil filter post and screw clockwise until tight. Turn it an additional 1/2 rotate to for sure tightness. Do not over tighten or girlfriend may damages the rubber seal.

Clean the oil drainpipe plug through a rag or shop towel. Clean the bottom of the engine oil pan.

Place a brand-new washer top top the oil drainpipe plug and also insert it earlier into the oil pan. Tighten the oil drainpipe plug to 25 or 30 foot pounds the torque, using a torque wrench.

Open the oil to fill cap and include four quarts that 5W-30 oil. Usage a funnel if vital to add engine oil.

Remove the oil drainpipe receptacle from in ~ the engine and lower the vehicle.

Reset the oil life mechanism light by pressing the "Trip/Reset" switch on the dash till "Oil" display screens on the driver info system ~ above the instrument cluster. Revolve the key to the "Run" position and also press the "Trip/Reset" button for 5 seconds.

Items you will need

Hydraulic jack

Jack stands

Nitrile gloves

Safety glasses

Oil drainpipe receptacle

12mm wrench

Rag or shop towel

Oil filter removed tool

Disposable plastic bag

PF-47 instead of oil filter

5W-30 engine oil, 4.0 quarts

Torque wrench

How to readjust the Oil in a 2006 Pontiac G6

Park your G6 on firm, level ground. Use the parking brake and also chock the behind wheels.

Remove the engine oil fill cap native the height of the engine. Grasp and also pull increase on the lower right edge of the intake manifold cover come disengage the retaining clips holding the cover to the wait cleaner outlet duct. Grasp and also pull up on the left next of the cover come disengage that from the studs, then eliminate it.

Position the floor jack in between 6 and also 7 inches indigenous the front pinchweld flange and also lift the prior of the car one side at a time. Assistance it ~ above jack stands.

Place the drain pan under the drain bolt and remove the drainpipe bolt. When the oil has actually drained, download the bolt and tighten it come 18 foot-pounds. Eliminate the drain pan indigenous under the car and lower your G6 to the ground.

Find the oil filter lid in the prior of the engine compartment, low and also just come the driver"s side of center. Remove the cap with the filter wrench or socket. The filter comes out v the cap. Eliminate the filter indigenous the cap.

Install the brand-new filter top top the bottom that the oil filter cap and also install the cap. Tighten the cap to -- however do not exceed -- 18 foot-pounds. To water 4.5 quarts that oil into the engine.

Position the entry manifold cover end the studs and the air cleaner outlet duct. Press down top top the cover over the left-side studs to engage the retainer clips, then push on the lower-right corner of the cover to engage the waiting cleaner outlet duct.

Install the engine oil fill cap. Begin the engine and check because that leaks. Rotate off the engine and also wait a couple of minutes for the oil come drain and then check the oil level, using the dipstick. Include the remaining 1/2 quart that oil as required to carry the oil level to the "Full" mark.

Items you will need

Wheel chocks

Floor jack

2 jack stands

Drain pan


Socket set

Torque wrench

Oil filter wrench, No. J 44887 or a 1 1/4-inch socket

Oil filter, GM component No. 12579143 or equivalent

5 quarts SAE 5W30 oil, meeting GM typical GM6094M and also displaying the API-certified starburst

How to readjust the Oil in a 2006 cool Prix

Park the grand Prix ~ above level ground. Enable the engine come cool off. Ideally, you desire the oil to it is in warm, together it will flow out the the engine block much better than if that is cold. If the oil is too hot, however, you deserve to be severely burned.

Go under the car and locate the oil drain plug at the bottom of the oil pan.

Put a drainpipe pan under the drain plug.

Loosen the drain plug through a socket wrench till it"s loosened enough come unscrew by hand. Continue unscrewing the drainpipe plug through your hand, but press versus the oil pan while you unscrew it to avoid the oil native gushing out.

Remove the drainpipe plug from the oil pan and permit the oil to circulation into the drain pan. Wipe the oil off the drain plug through an old rag.

Remove the cap labeled "Engine Oil Only" (the oil cap) in the peak of the engine compartment. This equalizes the press in the engine block and also helps the oil to drainpipe out. Allow the oil to drain into the drain pan until the flow is under to a secure drip.

Wipe the oil turn off the area about the drainpipe hole and also screw the drainpipe plug earlier into place. Tighten the drainpipe plug through a socket wrench to form a tight seal, however do no over-tighten it, as you have the right to strip the threads and also it will fall out.

Pour the old engine oil from the drainpipe pan right into an old plastic container, like an antifreeze or windshield washer liquid container.

Place the drainpipe pan underneath the oil filter.

Remove the oil filter by unscrewing it from the engine block. If it"s also tight or slippery, use a filter wrench to loosen it, then remove it by hand. Save the open end of the filter facing up since it still has oil.

Cover the gasket on the new oil filter with brand-new oil by dipping your finger in the oil and running it end the gasket. This help the brand-new filter slide right into position on the engine.

Screw the brand-new filter ~ above the engine. Rotate it until it"s fairly tight, then add a quarter-turn.

Add the new oil come the engine by pouring it with the hole at the top of the engine block. Making use of a funnel can assist prevent spills. Replace the oil lid after the oil has been added.

Start the grand Prix up and also let it run for a couple of minutes. Rotate it off, then check the oil level with the dipstick. Add more oil if necessary.

How to readjust the Oil on a Pontiac grand Prix

Park your grand Prix in a level place, rotate off the engine, and engage the parking brake. Place blocks behind the behind tires and also disconnect the an adverse battery cable under the hood. Eliminate the oil dipstick and wipe the clean. If you have been driving her car, wait an hour before beginning your oil change to mitigate the temperature the the oil and also engine block.

Jack increase the front of the vehicle and lower that onto jack stands. Ar the jack was standing under a steady spot on the frame to avoid damage to the undercarriage and to be specific that it will not fall. If you space working top top a newer design Grand Prix, it has a sub framework as opposed to a complete frame. Check your owners hand-operated for the correct areas to place the jack and jack stands.

Under the car, situate the the oil pan and also oil plug. The oil pan is the lowest suggest on the engine, and also the plug is a bolt in bottom of the pan. Location the oil record pan listed below the oil plug and remove the oil plug with a appropriately sized wrench or socket. The oil will drain into the catch pan.

Replace the oil plug and also wipe the area clean with a rag so the you can locate any leaks that might arise later.

Place the capture pan below the oil filter. The oil filter will be greater up ~ above the engine, but accessed from under the car. Using an oil filter tool or strap wrench, loosen and remove the oil filter, permitting any overabundance oil to fall into the drainpipe pan. Wipe the mating surface clean top top the engine block and also remove any type of oil filter gasket product that has actually stuck.

Fill the instead of filter and lubricate the rubber seal with brand-new oil. Screw the filter into place until it makes call with the engine, and then tighten it, through hand, as instructed top top the side of the filter or its sleeve box -- usually 1/4 come 3/4 turn. Tightening too much may reason the oil seal to break-up or do it very an overwhelming to remove at the following oil change. Usage caution no to cross-thread the filter on the engine block.

While it is much better to have actually oil in the oil filter once you first start her car, some engines do not have the oil filter oriented vertically, in which cases the brand-new oil will certainly pour out as soon as reinstalling. In the case, just lubricate the rubber seal and do not fill the filter v oil.

Double check that you have reinstalled both the oil plug and the oil filter.

Locate the oil to fill cap on the engine and also remove it. Pour the forced amount of new oil into the engine making use of a funnel to alleviate the possibility of spilling. Referral your owners hand-operated for the correct kind and lot of oil. Location the dipstick back in that is place and check the oil level, filling as required until that is between the clues on the end of the stick.

Remove the jack stands and also lower the vehicle ago to the ground. Pour the old oil right into a sealed container for ideal disposal.

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Start the grand Prix and permit it to run for a minute, then rotate it turn off again and wait 2 minutes for the oil to drain earlier into the oil pan. Examine the oil level once more and add as needed to lug the level come the "Full" mark. Check listed below the vehicle for any kind of leaks near the oil drainpipe plug or oil filter.