six cylinder 2 wheel drive automatic 93,000 miles.

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whereby is the crankshaft sensor situated on this car? i cannot find it. Do I should remove the intake? I watch wires going under the intake but cannot tell what they space for.

The crankshaft sensor is located at the front of the engine down at the time belt pulley. You will need to remove the timing belt cover. Right here is a diagram to help you watch what ns am talk about. The six. Below is a overview that can give you more information top top the job: is what it will be prefer (below) for four and six cylinder engines.Please allow us know what happens.Cheers


ns looked for around an hour last night in this area and also could not find it. Is the under something else or hidden? I have the brand-new sensor and also know what that looks like, yet cannot watch it ~ above the car. I checked out the Hyundai dealership and asked a mechanic. The crankshaft sensor is above the starter on the side of the block. A bit difficult to gain to, yet I changed it and also car is running again.

I desire to find the sensor, and possibly check out the component number. Or if any one knows exactly how to kindly assist me?
The crankshaft sensor is in the side of the block, behind the exhaust manifold.
Part#391803E100 $74.27
Hey MUSA, The crankshaft place sensor is in the next of the block, behind the exhaust manifold.Here is a diagram to aid you situate it:Please allow us understand what you find so it will help others.Best, Ken
4 cylinder front wheel journey manual. Wherein is the crankshaft position sensor and how lengthy does it take to replace on a 2.4L?



Note:Part and also labor might vary in ~ location.
mine 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe will not start. I already installed a brand-new fuel pump and still same. I was thinking might be the crankshaft sensor but I do not know where that is. How deserve to I discover it?
You perform not change parts and hope the it works. The is walk to be costly and a garbage of time and money uneven you are extremely lucky.You have to start with diagnostics to find out what is lacking causing the non starting.
my SUV suddenly would not change into second gear going down the highway. I babied that home and also noticed likewise that placing it in reverse the engine immediately quit. Idle the car and also it is fine. Placing it in journey it jumps. So i took out my computer examine tool and also it stated the crankshaft sensor to be bad.So i guess I need to understand where this is located on the engine? Thanks, mark
i doubt the is her crank sensor, but here is place in picture. If that still go it have actually a infection professional examine it. It may be a branch or in need of transmission rebuild.
reason I claimed the sensor is mine tester provided me the p003 and said crankshaft place sensor. Somebody told me that ns would need to remove the time belt cover and also crankshaft pulley. Friend are showing the sensor in ~ the peak of the engine?
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