We consider how to replace the spark plugs top top the 2003 – 2007 Accord 4cyl and also why you have to do this as recommended in the maintenance schedule. This have to be done every 105,000 mile on the 2003 come 2007 Honda Accord 4 cylinder engine.

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Some spark plug info:

Spark plugs work in an extreme heated environment; the combustion chambers, and have 2 straightforward functions. The very first is the more common:

Provides the spark come ignite the air-fuel mixture.Cooling: Dissipates warm from the burning chamber to the engine’s cooling system. The ability of a spark plug come dissipate warmth from the firing finish to an engine’s cooling device is recognized as its heat range.

Its constantly best to change spark plugs in ~ the recommended mileage. This ensures the the 2 above functions are performed in ~ optimum levels. It’s not the ideal to permit your engine to start misfiring or hesitating as result of worn spark plugs before you carry out a change. It outcomes in poor gas mileage and also could damage the engine.

Equally important throughout spark plug changes is the you use the recommended spark plug for the vehicle, if not, you will have poor ignition of the air-fuel mix resulting in unburned fuel left in the burning chamber. This finds its way to the catalytic converter where it will certainly melt the substrate. Making use of the not correct spark plug also method having a plug with an out-of-spec heat selection for the vehicle. This can result in under or overheating of the vehicle.

Down to business….

Materials: 10mm wrench, 16mm spark plug socket, ratchet extension (30cm if fine), and also 4 that NGK IZFR6K-11 or Denso SKJ20DR-M11 (some will use NGK IZFR6K-13 or Denso SKJ20DR-M13).


1. Eliminate the 4 bolts securing the ignition coil cover.

To prevent dirt from entering the burning chambers, punch off any type of dirt found in this recess.

2. Remove the 4 bolts securing the ignition coils

3. Eliminate the ignition coils and note the particular cylinder every coil came from. You will certainly return each coil to its particular cylinder. To remove a coil, pry it up.

Once pried up, boring the tab top top the electrical connector and also detach the connector. If the connector is an overwhelming to remove execute not pull on the wire itself. You deserve to use a flat screwdriver to tenderness pry turn off the connector while maintaining the tab depressed.

4. Remove the spark plugs using the spark plug socket and extension.

Always examine the condition of the old spark plug. It deserve to tell a lot on the wellness of the car. A brownish come tan colouration of the firing end is normal.

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5. Install the brand-new spark plugs and follow turning back steps. Very first tighten plugs by hand until contact is made through the cylinder head then torque to 18Nm. If friend don’t own a torque wrench, tighten 2/3rds the a turn after hand tightening has actually made call with the head. Remember to usage the correct plug because that this auto as shown.