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Anyone recognize how many gallon tank is in a 93 taurus gl sedan v vin U for the engine?I am just getting around 180miles every tank and I notcie everytime ns fill up it is around 11-12 gallons max that fits in there, but I dont let the needle fight the E, it access time this red heat area everytime climate the fuel light come on and also I fill up. I dont let that run any kind of lower than that.
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How plenty of miles per tank need to I be getting on this car? everyone else have a genII taurus sedan with the 16gal tank? How countless miles every tank carry out you get?
Dec 7 2005, 02:53 afternoon How many miles per tank have to I be getting on this car? anyone else have a genII taurus sedan through the 16gal tank? How many miles every tank execute you get?

Compute miles every gallon once you to fill up, not miles every tank. Gas guages differ wildly throughout cars, and most aren"t incredibly accurate to begin with. If you are driving the vehicle until the guage is sit on "E" then you could really well have fifty percent a gallon left or 4 gallons left.Having stated that, her mileage will vary relying on your environment, the roadways you travel, and how you drive. Most world doing city driving here report high teenagers in the city as much as high twenty and over for highway. Many tend to average 20-25mpg. I would certainly recommend browsing this forum since there have actually been about 18,000 threads around fuel mileage.



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i have a gen 1 wagon and also i have actually a 16 gallon tank and also only get about "what the onboard computer says" about 13-14 mile a gallon. Because im acquiring ready to relocate ima say shortly i might get about 10 mile a gallon top top my expedition :noes: soundslike fun!! :banghead:
I think the Gen 2 SLO"s have 16 gallon tanks, if the GEN 2 SHO"s have an 18.4 gallon extended selection tank. The many I"ve obtained with the SHO is 195 per half tank, 21 mpg, and also that"s a combination of city/highway driving. I"d definately need to agree with, sfontain. Our gas gauges are horribly inaccurate. If ns go WOT in 2nd gear, and also come to a stop, the fuel gauge takes a dive under to the next bar i m sorry is about 1.8 gallons. Then gradually work its way back up. The fuel light come on like 10 gallons prematurely. I"ve excellent 4 days precious of driving v that damn light on.
My guage appears to be reasonably accurate... Once I am closer to a 1/4 it gets a tiny pessimestic. I fill up in ~ 1/4 on all my cars, ns usually get 275-300 miles by the moment I hit 1/4 tank left. I avg about 22.5 mpg (thats stop and also go highway :lol: ). Much longer trips have yeilded me 25-26 mpg, but I have a heavy foot
I get around 17mpg in the summer (lots of A/C), and around 18.5 in the winter (heater set to floor mostly). So this time the year the light comes on at around 210-220 miles. Around 12 gallons come fill. In the summer the light comes on roughly 180-190.In the nearly 7 year I"ve own it, I"ve never gone an ext than 240 miles between fills. I"m not a gambler, and also it"s most likely not great for the pump.
Dec 8 2005, 08:22 to be My guage seems to be relatively accurate... When I to be closer come a 1/4 it gets a tiny pessimestic. I fill up at 1/4 on all my cars, i usually obtain 275-300 mile by the moment I fight 1/4 tank left. I avg about 22.5 mpg (thats stop and also go highway :lol: ). Much longer trips have actually yeilded me 25-26 mpg, but I have actually a heavy foot h34r:

my "02 was specific until 6 month ago, weird enough. Now it reads about 1/8 tank low. :blink:
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Yeah the fuel gauge gives you some problems I to fill my tank up at 100mi occasionally the gauge is a 1/4 tank sometimes it"s at 3/4I usually obtain 15MPG City and 20MPG Highyway with the wagon
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I"ve been genuine lucky. I obtained 25 MPG critical time i filled up. Mainly highway despite (about 190 miles highway and also 30 miles city). It"s been over 20 MPG for the last pair of months. I usually obtain 17-18 MPG in the summer pure city and also 16 MPG winter pure city. Not bad for teh Essex, eh?
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Ha ha, that looks prefer I am the just one who waits it spins the last minute to to fill up. I typically get around 260 per tank, but I"ve propelled it together high as prefer 280 or 290 once or twice. And I have actually a 92 L, getting about 20-22 mpg.

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Dec 8 2005, 01:02 am i have a gen 1 wagon and i have a 16 gallon tank and only get about "what the onboard computer says" about 13-14 miles a gallon. Since im gaining ready to move ima say soon i may get about 10 mile a gallon top top my pilgrimage :noes: soundslike fun!! :banghead:

Dont trust digital gauges. Frequently they room inaccurate. The ideal thing to perform is usage the odometer and calculate it the olde fashioned way.-DC
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