Where space they hiding the fuse because that the dash lights, ns was told to look in ~ the finish of the dash, by remove the finish panel. I did, and they were not to be seen. A the majority of conversation top top the web sites about the lights and also the fuse, but no one states where lock are! Is this a secret society thing. You re welcome tell me where the fuse treasure are hidden. Many thanks so lot Tony Estes

Hello, The dash lights are powered by a 10, 7, and also 14 fuses in the TIPM i beg your pardon is under the hood ~ above the left side.Here is a guide to aid you test the fuseshttps://www.gimpppa.org/articles/how-to-check-a-car-fuseCheck the end the diagrams (Below)Let us understand what happens and also please upload images or videos that the problem.Cheers, Ken




hello my name is Nate, for this reason a bout 2 months back I to be rolling up my windows they went every the means up then my airbag and also my dash lights went out. The windows did not work anymore and the heater/ac blower does no work and also i've done every little thing that ns know might be wrong yet everything looks ok. (No punch fuses)And i can't really afford to take it it to a mechanic.Thanks.
The following two space base and also premium supplemental restraint mechanism schematics. You might look into having it scanned for soft codes, also. This won't collection the examine Engine Light, so numerous shops will shot and tell girlfriend they don't exist. However they do.
I had actually bought a OBD2 password scanner off eBay the works through a application on my phone however the analysis said whatever was ok with the car and also the inspect engine light is no on only the airbag illumination light is on. Execute all OBD password scanners job-related the exact same or are there various one for various codes?
I likewise have the dash lights difficulty (2008 convertible), and when it rain or is cold (like freeze or below), the lamp come on for awhile, occasionally they remain on because that my whole drive to work. So I believe the cold is contracting something to make contact, and also the humidity as result of the rain likewise causing something to make contact. Ns wish I can locate that contact point.
Yep you hit it, i would remove the cluster to unplug the wiring and also clean the connections and check the wiring. Have you replaced the TIPM?
huge time problems with the TIPM. To it is in sure here is a video that shows exactly how to scan the deserve to which will certainly tell you whats going on:https://youtu.be/InIlnsjOVFAPlease run down this guide and report back.
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