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Hey men -- wonder what is the exactly speaker size for 07 NWBS ext cab in both front and rear...i to be on crutchfield and also it states either a 51/2 and also 6/12 will certainly fit yet with you recognize what sort of modification is required to do them fit?? also, was wondering if any type of of yall have any type of experience through boston accoustic or diamond ingredient speakers?? what perform you think?? thanks
i deserve to tell you an initial off that i dont think there is a entirety lot that deserve to measure up to Bostons!! I had actually a girlfriend that had actually a collection of boston components and they had an ext highs and bass then my entirety system no too mention they are very clean sounding, yet thats what you gain for a $2000 pair that components. It no be much alteration at all, most most likely they have actually plenty that depth for the enlarge ones, the would simply require a little plate to drop the speaker into then that plate would attach to the door. I did the same with my burban a 5 1/2 boston in the totality for my 4x10 in the rear, i could probably go to a 6 1/2 and also still it is in fine.

i reduced the stock speaker the end of the share mount and bolted 61/2 phoenix golds right to it.. Functioned perfect and you dont have to spend $ on new brackets. I additionally super glued tweeters top top the share tweeter mount. No need to reduced the pillar. Watch stock! :glasses:

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