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Well ns hear one actuator clicking on and off when I rotate the ignition however the compressor ~ no spinning up, seems like the motor is burned up and also ill have to look into gaining a brand-new compressor.

keep an eye on right here I have seen lock being sold rebuilt and if you have a unit to trade the guy might be ready to perform it.
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HERES ONE for YOU, I have A 98 SLS THIS mainly I have actually BEEN obtaining A CRAPPY journey IN THE REAR, I went to THE DEALER and also THEY said I NEED brand-new REAR SHOCKS and A COMPRESSOR because that A SOME sum OF 32 HUNDRED huge ONES. Ns AM looking IN come THE ARNOT KIT.THIS IS THE WEIRD component THE ideal REAR SHOCK IS IN THE COMPRESSED POSTION even WHEN THE automobile IS ~ above THE LIFT. So WHAT ns AM ASKING has actually ANYONE seen THIS BEFORE due to the fact that THE CADDY human being HAVNT.AND wherein IS THE COMPESSOR,AND WHERE deserve to I gain AN AFTER sector ONE. Many thanks IN advanced FOR any HELP.

:thepan: Dive, review the post above yours. Lotsa luck moving to aftermarket suspension.......BTW, if you go to the optimal of the page and also use the archives and search functions, all your questions have been answered lengthy ago......Turn off her caps"re shouting at world who have the right to hear perfect well.
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