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An inexpensive huge brake kit to be made with this Acura caliper which just happens to be made by Brembo teamed up through an S2000 rotor.

The spindle was boring out to accept the larger bolts the the Brembo calipers require.
Custom machined 6mm hub and also wheel centric spacers are provided that have the right to adapt 3 various hub bore size and space things out 6mm because that caliper come wheel clearance. ARP expanded Race Studs, Skunk 2 Aluminum gyeongju Lugs, hawk DTC 60 Pads, Goodrich Stainless lines and Brembo LCF600 fluid are used. The rear brakes usage stock rotors and also calipers, eagle DTC 60 pads and Goodrich Stainless lines.

Brembo calipers, S2000 rotors, long studs, hubcentric spacers and braided steel brake lines look sharp!

Yup, I view you discovered the article! Doesn"t seem choose too lot work. I"ll be doing this in the following 2 weeks ~ I uncover the last however of information needed.Wish i knew what minimum counter wheel would certainly be required to clear the calipers. I"m hoping my 17x9 +45 RPF1s deserve to clear.

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Yup, I check out you discovered the article! Doesn"t seem prefer too much work. I"ll be doing this in the following 2 weeks after I find the last but of details needed.Wish i knew what minimum balance out wheel would be essential to clean the calipers. I"m hope my 17x9 +45 RPF1s can clear.
I"ve had my TL-S Brembos because that over a year. I have yet to placed them on. One of these days I will tackle the task, but I need an ext research on the appropriate rotor for the TSX. Because that now right here is something that will aid this thread. The s2000 rotor put the alignment of the rotor perfectly centered with the caliper. Its downfall is that the Brembo pads will certainly stick out of the rotor due to the fact that the rotor isn"t big enough. Some people just grind your pads and also shape them to fit. All you require is a 6mm spacer to clean the oem wheels turn off the Brembos if you are suing oem wheels. If you room using aftermarket wheel with enough offset you dint need the spacer.The TL-S rotor alignment is slightly different when using the TSX oem knuckle so you must shim the back of the rotor come align it v the caliper. On height of the you have to use a 6mm spacer to clean the Brembos if using oem wheels. The upside is the the pads will certainly fit the rotor favor they should and wont stick out due to the fact that the TL-S rotor is bigger 보다 the s2000 one.Another choice that I need to find is off other brands the cars. The precise Brembo caliper supplied on the TL-S is provided on STI"s, GM, and Ford cars and many that them usage out bolt pattern. I dont desire to usage the s2000 rotor and also have extra pad area difficult out. Ns dont want to back room the TL-S rotor however I desire its size. Therefore I need a caliper v the spacing of the s2000 yet with the size of the TL-S. Since all the brands mentioned over use the larger TL-S sizing, the a matter of finding out which one has actually the S2000 spacing
__________________First ever one item TSX short shifter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ported and also matched input manifold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!